JP Spoonem’s Providence


ray  This was totally unexpected. I tried to locate some breakfast places using Google and Yelp, in the Providence area and came upon JP Spoonem’s, 1678 Broad St, Providence, RI. Since it was relatively close to another breakfast place that Mike and I had visited, The Seaplane, I decided to try it today. This corner restaurant has table seating as well as a very quaint horseshoe shaped counter service with the 50’s style swivel stools, with avocado colored seats. Very neat! Mike and I were really amazed at the menu. I told him that I really hope that the food was as good as the different, yet not “out there”, selections. Two examples are the Stacked Johnnycakes with carved ham slices; and then the one I WILL go back for, the Portuguese raisin sweetbread French toast. Today I chose eggs with black bean and roasted corn hash, with home fries. Only one waitress was on at 8:30, another came about half an hour later. The place was not crowded, so the service was good. Mike and I ordered and the coffee came shortly thereafter. Have to say the coffee was OK nothing special but not great. Refills were offered during the meal. The two over easy eggs were just right with no runny whites. The home fries were a mixed bag. I couldn’t put my finger on the flavor that I tasted, until Mike said they tasted like French fries, which is what I tasted. However the flavor only came through with the nice crispy small pieces. Since the potatoes were not evenly cut, the larger pieces were bland even adding salt did not add much. I wish more places sliced their home fries or cut them evenly somehow. Now for the hash!! Slamfantastic!!! Not just the black beans and roasted corn, but the sprinkles of green onions, fresh diced tomatoes,  and a little green garnish, as well as the excellent spices, that at times had a little kick and other times was perfectly mouthwatering. This was a rarity for me, I cleaned my plate ( not the toast of course ). JP Spoonem’s is open for lunch and they do serve breakfast all the time. I will definitely be taking Barbara there for lunch sometime in the near future. Coffee, 6; home fries, 7; overall meal 9. I’m giving JP Spoonem’s a strong 8+.


mike  Ray done good today. (Yeah, I know. It’s called “slang”.) Not great, mind you, but good. I liked Spoonem’s the moment we walked in. The counter seating, tile floor, 1950ish avocado green stools…what’s not to love? And what a menu! So much great sounding stuff with unique combinations. We both mentioned we hoped it would be good because we would have to come back just to try something else. The coffee was good. Honestly, nothing special. But it was hot and served quickly and we were offered refills several times. Nice. Another positive, the meal looked amazing when it arrived. Big plus in my book. I mean, when a meal comes and it doesn’t look appetizing it’s an uphill road from there. Unfortunately, though the homefries looked incredible, like the coffee, they were just good, not great. Again, it is uneven size pieces that don’t cook evenly that brings homefries down. French fries. That’s what some of them brought to mind taste-wise. The smaller, crispier pieces were very good, especially when I added salt. So it goes. However, the pesto bene I ordered was amazing! I’m really getting to like eggs Benedict as my go to breakfast. The pesto tasted fresh, home made. And there was shaved cheese on top! Very nice! The sauce was spot on, too. I felt a lot of care went into this part of the meal and I would recommend this to anyone. Very, very tasty! So, I would give the coffee a 6, the homefries a 6 and the pesto bene a 10. Yes, a 10! First one ever! 7.1 overall.