Three Sisters, Providence


ray Three Sisters, 1074 Hope St, Providence is one of those small breakfast, lunch dinner places that caters to a lot of walk in trade, as well as take out. I’ve has this place on my list of breakfast stops for almost a year, and finally got there. The menu is right there on the giant chalkboard on the wall. They take your order and you pay, and your meal is delivered to your table, inside or al fresco! Since it is a busy street I prefer not to have carbon monoxide with my meal, we ate inside. Coffee is served in three sizes and is the terrific New Roasters Coffee that we had last week at Howies, and it was just as good. My meal was the unique one on the menu, the Southwest Omelet with home fries. Disappointing! Plentiful serving but the home fries were deep fried and too crunchy. Clumps of potatoes were stuck together. The omelet could have been much better but the ingredients were not spread out very well. My first bite had this great crunch of tortilla with cheese, egg, and pico de gallo and the swirl of sour cream which was spread over the top. Trouble was the cheese was not melted, the tortilla was only on one side of the omelet, and the egg was barely warm. That first bite almost had me, but it went downhill fast. Coffee, 9,5; home fries, 4; meal, 5; overall, 6.2.


mikeEvery week a new place! How great is that? Three Sisters. Great location at the intersection of Blackstone and Hope. Lots to see and many, many restaurants to try within easy walking distance. Funky place with the multi-colored chalk menu on huge blackboards. Much to choose from and a bunch of stuff had a southwestern vibe going for it but they also had traditional breakfast fare so the unusual it was. Order at the counter type of place, so… Coffee was awesome! We have a new favorite brand (expensive, too, as we went to where they roast the coffee in Pawtucket, Ray will tell you, and found it to be in the $18 a pound category. Yikes!) and can definitely taste the difference when the restaurant grinds its own coffee. Homefries? Well, deep fried. Nuff said. French fries? Really good tater tots? Didn’t know what to think about them. They were fine, really, but not homefries that you would get off a flattop at a traditional dinner. (Sigh) The sausage was a treat, two large, tasty patties…big enough to overlap a hamburger bun. VAn unexpected value and treat as many places skimp on the meat. Alas, the eggs were a flop. I usually say, ” eggs are eggs” and move on but my sunnyside up eggs were not at all in a happy mood. The eggs were overdone. The edges were brown and crisp (I hate that!) and the yolks were cooked solid. What’s the use of sunnyside up eggs if you can’t break open the yolk and dip everything into its delicious goldenness? Seriously! (Deep sigh) So, mixed review. Coffee a 9, homefries a 6 and overall a 5. Just under a 7


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Mike Sullivan-Silva and I are good friends and enjoy the same interests, We attend the same church here in Rehoboth, and both love to have a good chat over breakfast...and beyond.

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