Howie’s, North Providence


mikeA HUGE shout out to Meghan, my daughter, for suggesting Howie’s restaurant at 1525 Smith St., NProvidence. Ray and I have been by this place several times before and never noticed it. What a great place! New. Clean. Bright. Very nice! Nicole brought us the best coffee! Our new favorite! I’ll let Ray do the details but, wow! Fresh ground and she left the carafe on the table! Nice! And the menu was pretty amazing. They feature locally sourced and sustainable foods. This is not a vegan, no meat, kind of place. There are many healthy options and classic fare as well. I got the Rustic Truffled Fritatta. Go ahead…say that three times fast. Roasted Crimini mushrooms,tomatoes, carmelized onion, truffled goat cheese crema. Yikes! If there is to be any complaint about this amazing melding of flavors is that I wish there were more of the mushrooms and crema. Their flavor was truly amazing but the fritatta was bland without one or the other in a bite: I noticed their absence from time to time. Never the less, pretty awesome. Homefries? Superb! We thought they were top shelf even before Nicole explained the five-step cooking method that left them perfectly cooked on the inside with a nice even crust on the outside. Nicely spiced, though a little bit salty for the two old guys, these are easily the best this year! Lastly, we split a side of homemade corned beef hash. The two main components, meat and potatoes, which are usually combined, were not…they served their awesome homefries with the brisket meat and a sauce made with the renderings…the sauce was phenomenal! Very, very nice! So, coffee a 9.5 and homefries 9.5 and overall a 9. A very well deserved 9.3!



ray Mike hit a home run with his choice this morning ( I actually have to thank his daughter Meghan ). Although Howie’s is on a street we have been up and down a number of times in the past few weeks, Mike’s GPS took us on an amazing circuitous route, through the hills and dales of North Providence, and right by Providence College. Howie’s looks rather new, and it’s fresh and bright interior are not what you might expect in a strip mall. Quick with the coffee, and a carafe of it left on the table, we were impressed from the start. It took awhile to look at a very simple but quite unique menu, along with a list of local businesses where they get most of their food items. IMG_0190Back to the coffee, first sip, fantastic! Each one after that was as good. They get their coffee from New Harvest Coffee Roasters in Pawtucket and what makes it special is that they grind their own coffee. As we have found out this makes a huge difference. Probably the best coffee I’ve had yet. My choice was a Veggie Omelet with tomatoes, crimini mushrooms, spinach, tomato, caramelized onions, and peppers and cheddar cheese. Tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and peppers were evident, but I didn’t taste any onions and the cheddar didn’t add much to the flavor, a little salt and pepper made an improvement. But let me say that I finished every bit of it. Their home fries were very good, and when we asked about how they were prepared, our waitress, Nicole, said that they were par boiled, seasoned, roasted in the oven, and finished on the flattop. They definitely were above average. We ordered a side of home made corned beef hash which was a true, simple hash with potato chunks and pulled corned beef in a small casserole with the drippings from the corned beef poured over the top. It definitely was a treat. I looked at their lunch menu and I have to take my wife here, she would love the “ Two Napkin Burger”, Coffee, 9.9; home fries, 8; meal 8, Overall, 9.



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Mike Sullivan-Silva and I are good friends and enjoy the same interests, We attend the same church here in Rehoboth, and both love to have a good chat over breakfast...and beyond.

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