Highland Luncheonette, Fall River, MA


ray Back to Fall River to a neighborhood staple for many years. Back and forth to several nearby hospitals, I’ve passed the Highland Luncheonette, 757 Robeson St, Fall River, many times.  There are only 6-8 parking places but being at the corner of two other streets, there seems to be ample places to part, and we saw a couple of walk-ins probably from the neighborhood. No specials for breakfast were presented but here were quite a few choices for breakfast. Mike guessed that I would have the Portuguese omelet with home fries and I ordered a side of chourico hash to share. Starter coffee was different. Not sure right away if I liked it, but as I had more sips it was obvious that it was really good but “different”. We asked Christina, our cheery waitress who promised to remember our order for future visits, what kind of coffee it was and lo and behold it was North East, one of our favorites. The distinct difference was that they grind coffee beans for each brewing! Very fresh! One unique thing about Highland was the way our meals were served. I got my omelet, about two or three minutes passed, and Mike got his, and another few minutes passed before the hash was served. Not sure if it was a very small flattop or the chef only had one pan. I liked the omelet very much. The chourico was ground, not sliced so it was well incorporated with the peppers and onions, and the provolone cheese binding it all together. The spices on the home fries were fantastic!! There was as great crunch to the outer part to many of the potatoes, and the onions were chopped small and perfect. My only criticism of the home fries was that the larger pieces were a little under cooked. Not enough to stop me from eating almost all of them. I thought the chourico hash ( Spanish style, lots of cumin) was both hot and spicey, overall quite good. The tradition goes on in Fall River. Coffee, 9; home fries, 8; meal 8; overall, 8.7. Very nice work, and Christine we may be back to test your memory.


mike Fall River, breakfast capital of the world!
Went to a luncheonette! Really don’t remember going to a place which advertised itself as such but THERE WE WERE! AND, because it was in TBCOTW it was (of course) really good. Coffee? See Ray’s review. Again, we don’t see each other’s comments before they are posted but I guarantee that I agree with him. Amazing coffee! I got the Greek omelette. Very, very nice! The tomatoes and spinach (no olives…Mike doesn’t do olives) were incorporated into the egg, which looked great (see the picture) but the feta was spread out before the egg was folded. Nice! This meant, unlike other omelettes I have had, that that amazing feta tang was in every bite! Yum! Very nice! The homefries were above average but won’t make my top three, or five, even. There was no crisp and some of the pieces were slightly underdone. However, they were nicely spiced and I did enjoy them despite the onions. (Mike doesn’t do onions) Not bad, overall, but not completely to my liking. Ray was curious about chourico hash, Spanish style, which seemed to be a contradiction of terms. It was. To me it was just a strange tasting taco meat sauce. Don’t get me wrong: I still ate more than Ray because it wasn’t that bad, just a combination of flavors I’ve never tasted. All-in-all a really good breakfast on the strength of the coffee and omelette. One criticism on an otherwise fine morning. The pacing was set to tortoise. We were the only customers there and it was a longer than average wait for Ray’s meal to be served. I estimate a minimum of four minutes after Ray was served before my plate arrived and easily another five before our side of hash. Even for good food there shouldn’t have to be such poor timing for dishes to be coordinated at a table. So, my rating will be for breakfast but with a caveat about the slow prep time. Coffee 9, omelette 9 with the homefries a 7 for an 8.1


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Mike Sullivan-Silva and I are good friends and enjoy the same interests, We attend the same church here in Rehoboth, and both love to have a good chat over breakfast...and beyond.

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