Poppy’s Family Restaurant, Cumberland, RI


mikeGo north, young man! Once again to the wilds of Cumberland. Poor Ray cannot complain about the long ride after some if the expeditions he’s commanded. Oh, wait! Yes…he can complain! Blah, blah, blah, I’m hungry. Geez! Bring a snack like I have to! We traveled to Poppy’s, 3344 Mendon Rd. Nice place! Very homey and nicely decorated. The place says, “Welcome!”. Pretty interesting menu and specials…I was not brave enough to try the chicken Parmesan omelet. Maybe next time. Ray was so hungry (see above) that he ordered for me; my unusual. I must say, first, the coffee was very good. Turns out they use New England Coffee, as do many restaurants, but you still have to brew it well. Poppy’s does. This was a three cup morning! Nice! Unfortunately, the homefries were a let down. They looked great and we’re seasoned well, actually, but I envision they were piled on the griddle and never touched until served. There were amazing crusty parts that were the bottom of the pile but the rest was just mushed together. There were no individual pieces of potato! (sigh) The sausage were great, the kind I like, lightly spiced and cooked well. If it weren’t for the homefries…So, coffee a well deserved 8 the homefries 5 and the over all a 7. Final score 6.9



ray Long drive….I thought I took Mike on a long drive when we head out to North Providence, but this was really long, at least 5 Seekonks. Poppy’s Family Restaurant is quaint. Lots of room for a small site. Coffee was excellent, New England Coffee, and plentiful. Portuguese omelet was my choice and was unique. The omelet, as expected, had linguica, peppers, ( red and green ) , onions and cheese. But what made it different was a tomato sauce over the top. At first I was skeptical but soon loved it. The sauce was not just a marinara, but had a little kick to it. Very good. The home fries were a disappointment. They served it with a choice of onions or not, I chose the onions which were the best part. The potatoes were very mushy, and had been on the flattop awhile. Coffee, 9; Home Fries, 5; meal, 7; overall 6.9. This review took less time to write than it took to drive there…..just sayin’.


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Mike Sullivan-Silva and I are good friends and enjoy the same interests, We attend the same church here in Rehoboth, and both love to have a good chat over breakfast...and beyond.

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