Harvest Kitchen, Pawtucket, RI


mikeActually used gps to find Harvest Kitchen…could have gotten there quicker on my own. It’s right where it’s supposed to be…2 Bayley St., Pawtucket! Harvest Kitchen is a culinary training kitchen which partners with the Rhode Island DCYF to provide work experience in the food industry for 16-19 year old young adults preparing, serving and marketing product. Food is locally sourced and then prepared on site for diners or packed for sale at the restaurant and other outlets. What a great idea! The restaurant is very new looking and nicely appointed. I hate to say this but it seemed out of place for Pawtucket. It would fit in nicely in the Brown area of Providence on Thayer St. Good for Pawtucket! Harvest Market is also not our typical breakfast place…it’s vegetarian/vegan. We’ve done this before, so. Food and coffee are ordered at the counter and brought to the table in take out wraps/containers. I liked the coffee a lot…when it was very hot. It had a very strong, almost bitter taste (but not quite) though as it cooled to RTT (a thermal temperature know as Ray Tepid Taste) it lost much of its flavor. I had opted for a breakfast burrito with rice and egg frittata and roasted potatoes. It was huge! Not bad but really kind of bland. If I go back I will know to order this with salsa, like what Ray had on his meal, to jazz it up. It was a bit disappointing at it was. Mea culpa! Actually, I should have known better. I have found many vegetarian/vegan meals to need added flavor. Should have asked. What do I think? I think, definitely, I will go back. I like the concept of the program offering real-world work experience to young people. I like a restaurant which locally sources. And I like healthier alternatives from which to choose. Nice. I will just give Harvest Market an overall grade of 7 but hope to give a better score when I return.


ray We have found another treasure trove of breakfast places located in one city. Fall River is the Mecca for us but Pawtucket has become a great place to find some usual treasures. Harvest Kitchen was Mike’s choice this morning. Not really what either one of us expected, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant. As their website states, “culinary job training program for youth ages 16–19 involved with the RI Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF). Trainees work to create value-added products using ingredients sourced from local farms, and get hands-on retail experience selling their goods at farmers markets and working in our Local Foods Café in downtown Pawtucket.” It has an open and airy atmosphere, not very crowded this morning as we found our place at the counter where the menus are and where all meals are ordered. The menu is somewhat limited and everything can be ordered a la carte. Coffee was very hot and that is not to my liking as I had a very bitter taste after the first few tentative sips, but as I let it cool a little I really liked it. My choice was the Southwestern Bowl which included rice, beans, salsa, radish and tortilla strips. One of the sides was roasted potatoes which I ordered and came mixed with the other ingredients in the bowl. Honestly I really enjoyed this breakfast. It was very filling, all of the textures were great. Potatoes were cooked perfectly and the addition of the salsa made the meal come together. My biggest critique would be that the salsa was the only spiced item in the bowl. More spices, would truly add the needed “oomph” to the breakfast. I’ll give the coffee a 7 after it cooled. I didn’t really have home fries so I will bundle that with my overall meal, 7. I think as the Harvest Kitchen grows and makes some minor changes, they will see a great following. Looking forward to trying it for lunch. Oh and by the way they also have home made pickled veggies as well as apple sauce and strawberry applesauce, which I’m having as a side dish tomorrow night!!


Emmily’s, Johnston, RI


ray Ok so it was a ride, get over it. We didn’t do the Appalachian Trail or something. Tuesday morning ( yes, it has been a few days, deal with it!!!) Mike and I travelled the road to Emmily’s, 103 Putnam Ave ( Rt 44), Johnston RI. Just a hop up the road from another of my favorite breakfast places, Cal’s. Emmily’s is a full day restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the obligatory bar. Have not had much luck with these type places in the past. As I think about breakfast places, the best ones seem smaller and have cozy, family style feeling. Emmily’s , correct spelling by the way, is rather open with lots of booths as you would find in a dinner restaurant. Coffee was brought promptly and was a little above average, not great. I ordered the Portuguese omelet, which included chourico, onions, tomato, and provolone. This was a terrific omelet! Full of well cooked onions, almost caramelized, lots of chourico, and a great base of provolone. The eggs were perfectly folded over and just moist enough. Home fries were ok, better than average quantity which is always good. Could have done with more seasoning. Coffee, 6; home fries; 7; meal, 8; overall, 7.


mike I should have known. The signs were there. I just didn’t notice until it was too late. First, Ray beat me to church. That NEVER happens. Second, he BACKED his car into a space. Whaaaat? This is just a normal, local, breakfast trip, right? More signs: 44 West, East Providence, 195 to 95, heavy, heavy traffic.
“Ray, where are we going?”
WTF! (Wow, That’s Far!)
Then he set his gps to “wander” and all the clues fell into place. Road trip! Ray was taking me on an unannounced road trip! Aaaaaah! I brought no snacks! I had only half a charge on my cell. No one knew I would be gone FOR HOURS!!! THIS HAD BETTER BE GOOD!!!
So. Emmily’s. (Yes… two ems) This is a breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant with an all day bar. I always wonder if a restaurant can do the big three well. For starters, the coffee was above average and the waitress offered frequent refills. Nice. I chose a Mediterranean Omelette from a pretty expansive breakfast menu. Roasted red peppers, spinach and feta. Basically a Greek omelette but spelling Mediterranean is more impressive so there’s that. The meal came with homefries. Check out the picture. A LOT of food! Easily the largest portion of homefries ever and the omelette seemed to be bigger than the usual three egg variety commonly served most places. I liked the homefries. Cooked and seasoned well with a nice crisp. They needed nothing. Nice! But the omelette disappointed. The veggies were very good but it took just three bites to confirm something was off. I opened the omelette to show Ray. The interior was almost a feta-free zone! Rats! For me, it’s the feta that makes this type of omelette amazing. I counted five bits of feta. (Sigh) Don’t know what happened but this really brought down a really good meal. Honestly, this was a good veggie type of omelette but that’s not what I ordered.
So. Coffee a 7 and the homefries an 8 but I can only give the omelette a 5.5 for an overall of 6.8