Eggs-Up Family Restaurant, Cumberland, RI


mikeROAD TRIP!!! The tables were turned as Ray had to sit through a four hour trip up north to the wilds of Cumberland RI. “Should I have brought a snack?”, he whined. Welcome to my world, bucko! Actually, the trip was about five Seekonks away… not too far away but not that close. Eggs Up, 2378 Mendon Rd is a local favorite. And by the front page copies of the Rhode Island magazine on the wall a multiple winner if winner of ” best breakfast, Blackstone Valley, multiple times. I’ll be the judge of that! Lots of parking, clean, bright and lots of seating. Nice. We were offered coffee quickly. Nice. Pretty good menu selection and, one of Ray’s things to look for, a specials board. By the way, it’s pumpkin everything season. I went for the homemade hash benny. I’m glad I did! The hollandaise was very flavorful with a nice “zing” to it. The hash was very very good. Amazing combination of flavors! The homefries looked better than they tasted. Well cooked but meh. Salt helped. When they were mixed with the hash and yolk and sauce, well, yum! But they couldn’t stand on their own. The coffee was just ok. We each had a second cup but only to give it a chance to change our minds. It didn’t. So, I will give the hash benny 8.5 with the homefries getting a 6 and the coffee 5.5 for an overall score of 6.6


ray  There was a lot of, “slight change of plans” from Mike this morning, but he forgot to ask me to bring a snack, and coffee. I don’t even want to guess as to how many Seekonks we traveled through, but I swear I saw a sign saying “entering Vermont”. The long ride did give us an opportunity to discuss the Patriots and their woes, at length. Couldn’t solve them, but agreed that this is a must win week. Eggs-Up Family restaurant in Cumberland, Vermont, I mean Rhode Island, is a hometown kind of place. Nice atmosphere, lots of Red Sox pics and many wall hangings identifying it as “Best in Rhode Island, Blackstone Valley” for quite a few years. I guess that we did not have a vote, or maybe this was the best in the Blackstone Valley and we just have not had a chance to visit other breakfast places in the area. I would like fair warning from Mike if he decides to take me on this trek again, so I can prepare. Anyway, the coffee was hot and good, nothing special, good. I chose the Greek Omelet with home fries. I pointed out to Mike that the menu listed a couple of additional special home fries that you could have, both of which had lots of added ingredients like melted cheese, peppers, and onions. I really wondered if this was a way to cover up the flavor of the home fries. My omelet arrived, and so did the home fries. On first look they had some promise with a coating of something red. But the something red had little flavor and adding salt did nothing to improve them. Maybe I should have opted for the “special” home fries. My omelet was ok. Lots of fresh spinach and feta with a few tomatoes thrown in. I was a little disappointed by the size which did not look like a three egg omelet ( spoiled by the East Side Diner a few weeks ago). Maybe it was the long ride out and promise of a long ride home, but I was a little disappointed after reading of their many “Best of Rhode Island” wall hangings. Coffee, 6; home fries, 6; meal, ( you guessed it ) 6. Average meal, 6


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Mike Sullivan-Silva and I are good friends and enjoy the same interests, We attend the same church here in Rehoboth, and both love to have a good chat over breakfast...and beyond.

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