East Side Diner, East Providence, RI


ray WOW! We thought that the only place to get a great breakfast was in Fall River. This morning Fall River diners got a run for their money as we visited the East Side Diner 615 Waterman Ave, East Providence, RI. This place has only been open for a few weeks and I hope that it can stay afloat long enough for everyone in the area to have breakfast here. Only a few customers were there when we came in and we had no problem finding a table. Our waitress, was really friendly and ready with the coffee refills. Speaking of coffee, it was really good, not the best I have ever had but, some call me a coffee “snob”, this was right up there with flavor and quality. Three cups! There was a chalkboard with daily specials including something called crispy French Toast, sounds very interesting. Their regular menu had traditional breakfast options as well as an insert with Specialty Omelets. I chose the Federal Hill Omelet which was like a Western but substituted the ham with Italian sausage. A really great omelet has quantity, fresh well cooked ingredients, cheese that is added to the dish without trying to cover up all of the good things in it, and lastly it must be moist without being wet ( under cooked is a definite no-no), This one had all of the above. As you can see in the picture, the omelet actually was bigger than the plate. I was almost finished when I commented to Mike that I didn’t even need to reach for the salt. I guess the chef realizes that seasoning the dish as it cooks is really important. Now about the home fries, Abundance and quality. As you can see these home fries filled a good portion of the plate. They were not overly spiced but had a great buttery flavor with a little oregano to back it up with some paprika thrown in as well. This is a very good breakfast place and I do plan on visiting it again. Coffee, 8.5; Home Fries, 9; Meal, 9.5; overall, 9.


mike Last week Kilian and I were coming back from the (real) East Side and noticed a newly opened restaurant on Waterman named the East Side (not really) Diner. I mentioned to her that I would surprise Ray with a new, close breakfast place. Who knew the old dude already found the it? He is retired so he has a lot of time to drive around, apparently.

So, golf, football, baseball, church, Lions Club. We would have talked about more stuff but it was a short trip into East Providence. First impressions are always important and this newly renovated space was nice and clean and bright. The coffee was served quickly and refills were offered often… this ended up being a three-cup morning so you know we liked it. A pretty standard extended menu with a few interesting differences. One that caught my eye was an option to substitute cooked apples, baked beans, fruit or vegetables for the homefries offered with most breakfasts. Nice! What an amazing choice to offer! I got the Greek omelet (sans olives…I just don’t do olives) and really, really enjoyed it! First, look at the picture. Full, three egg omelet with a generous helping of homefries. Nice! The homefries were good with good spices but I still added salt. The omelet was outstanding! I particularly liked the fresh veggies. Fresh veggies always, always, always make a HUGE difference. Feta cheese, yum, and gyro meat! Outstanding omelet! (Seven, if you’re counting) So, coffee an 8 and I’ll give the homefries 7.5 but the omelet deserves a 9.5 for an overall score of 8.2


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Mike Sullivan-Silva and I are good friends and enjoy the same interests, We attend the same church here in Rehoboth, and both love to have a good chat over breakfast...and beyond.

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