Flint Village Restaurant, Fall River


mike Fall River continues to impress! Took Ray to the Flint Village Restaurant at 1270 Pleasant St. On the ride this morning Ray and I talked about how, after more than two years of this blog, we continue to find new places to review. However, we’re almost to the point where we may have to go further afield to find more restaurants to visit. But, dear readers, you can help us stay closer to home! We need your input! Please, please, please send us your suggestions! Of course you must first read Every Single blog entry to ensure you don’t give us the name of a place we’ve already visited. So, get reading! Now, back to the blog! The Flint Village Restaurant was a step back in time. Located on a corner lot the FVR has probably been here forever. Old styling, old fixtures. Formica! I loved this place right away! The menu was simple and traditional and unpretentious. Breakfast doesn’t need to be fancy…it’s breakfast. Got my unusual. First off, the coffee was above average and, to my liking, hot! Refills were offered frequently. Nice. The homefries were well cooked, had some crisp but had too much paprika. Salt helped. And the sausage and eggs were fine. This may sound like a less than resounding review but this is exactly the kind of restaurant and breakfast that I would go to every day on my way to work. I would love to be a regular here. Understand, we were not “wowed” by the breakfast. But it was better than good and the portions were good and the coffee was better than good and the price was very reasonable and the service was really good and I really loved the old time city restaurant vibe. I’m going to rate this a bit differently and just give an overall rating of 7.5 which covers the coffee, food, service and the restaurant itself. Really liked this place.


rayMike and I stepped into the Flint Village Restaurant and it was like stepping back to the ‘50’s, in a good way. If you were riding down Pleasant St. in Fall River for the first time, you probably would drive right past it. Comfort food. No pretentious menu, with all kinds of Benny’s and crepes, this place has all of the basics, simple egg dishes, omelets, as well as waffles and pancakes. The seats were a little worn, and the sign on the window was pretty faded, but the waitress was cheerful, and prompt with the coffee. I commented to Mike that the brown mug was just like one I had a long time ago. Listening to the waitress and cook, they seemed to know everyone coming and leaving. Real definition of a homey restaurant. I really liked the coffee, with a rich flavor and lots of refills. This morning was another omelet, one that was more unique than the others on the menu. It was basically a western but it had chourico. The onions, peppers and ham were nicely cut into small pieces, and the chourico was not sliced from a sausage style chourico, it was more like spiced pork pieces, a little bigger than the other fillings, but it really hit the flavor spot. Only two things I would critique about the omelet. First it was a little dry on the outside, and second, too much cheese. The cheese was actually spilling out the edges, and took away from the other ingredients. The home fries were OK, but needed more salt on the griddle. These had a good amount of paprika, not too much, but still needed a little more seasoning in the form of salt.This is the kind of place I would visit again if I were in the neighborhood. Coffee, 7; home fries, 6; meal, 7; overall, 6.5.


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Mike Sullivan-Silva and I are good friends and enjoy the same interests, We attend the same church here in Rehoboth, and both love to have a good chat over breakfast...and beyond.

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