Kelly’s Place, Norton, MA



rayWe went back in time to revisit Kelly’s Place 292 East Main Street, Norton, MA. Before we started this blog, Mike and I had breakfast here so I thought we should give it a review. Kelly’s is not really out of the way, maybe 1 ½ miles off of 495 and a few mile from Norton Center. They have a few outside tables but we decided to enjoy the inside. It is a large place that also serves lunch daily and dinner on the weekends. Coffee came quickly, there were only a few customers at this time. First round of coffee was just to my liking, not too hot, in a nice size mug, with a very good flavor. The refills were more to Mike’s liking, very hot. I chose the Vegetable omelet which came with red and green peppers, onions, broccoli, and mushrooms. All the veggies, except the mushrooms, were chopped nice and small, including the broccoli. This is a n important feature with veggies in an omelet because you do not want huge chunks of one and tiny bits of another, a uniform texture. The only feature of the omelet that I would have changed was the cheese. I thought they had too much and it really overpowered the rest of the items. The home fries were very good. A great spice which I think was smoked paprika, could have been a little more crispy. Kelly’s is a really nice breakfast place that I would recommend. Coffee, 8; home fries, 8; meal, 8. This math is easy, Overall, 8. Kelly’s open 7 days a week.


mike Sooooooo, Kelly’s Place. Nice! This week’s road trip wasn’t really a road trip…just a mere four or five Seekonks away, almost, but not quite, into Mansfield. Ray’s probably mentioned this was a return trip. I was cool with that. Kelly’s is not a typical breakfast joint. Bright, clean lines, al fresco dining. Ray and I really like a classic diner type of place but this is about the food. Kelly’s does breakfast well! Nice! The coffee was a cut above average. The second cup (hot) better than the first tepid one. I went with a skillet breakfast…basically my unusual in a pan WITH CHEESE! Brilliant! Who doesn’t like cheese? Maybe a bit too much but really, who doesn’t like cheese? Very, very nice! And the homefries? Wow! No spices needed. Smokey paprika? Whatever. Very, very tasty and cooked well. And they were in with the cheese! Aaah! Maybe we should rate our breakfasts by how many exclamation points we use! Very nice choice, Ray! (eleven, if you’re counting) Let’s give the coffee a 7 and the homefries and the meal nine each. That’s an 8.2 Nice!


Mattapoisett Diner, Mattapoisett, Ma


mike You may have been wondering if we took last week off. We didn’t. My shoulders are big enough to take the burden of this huge mistake…I forgot to write the review! That’s right, and this may come as a HUGE shock to most of you, I’m not perfect! I admit it. Let’s move on. So, last week, Ray and I went on a planned (not one of Ray’s “Oh, it’s not open, again, let’s find another place” debacles), and went to the Mattapoisett Diner, 71 Fairhaven Rd (Rt 6) in, well, you figure it out. I had been there before with Harry and figured to get Ray out of Little Portugal for a change. The diner itself is pretty neat. It is one of the old, historic ones and very well maintained. Bright and clean. Despite the place being almost full we were greeted, served coffee and had out orders taken quickly. First off, the coffee was meh, and usually I can deal with “meh” coffee if the homefries aren’t “meh” homefries. They were. Boiled potatoes. Sigh. So, my hash bennie was left to save the day but the first thing I noticed was the over-easy eggs sitting on top where the poached eggs should reside. Runny yolk is the goal here but still. The hash had to be canned. Sigh. The best part of this ensemble was the specialty roll that was in place of the traditional English muffin. Very tasty. Very good. Honestly, though, not enough. Coffee I give a 6, the homefries a 5 and the bennie a 6 for a score of 5.8



ray  The nice thing about a road trip is that it gives Mike and I a lot more time to solve all of the problems of the world. The Mattapoisett Diner was our destination this morning. Apparently this was a favorite of the Sullivan-Silva’s when they vacationed in this quaint Massachusetts coastal communities. ( I always wanted to use the term “quaint” in a review!!!) Typical roadside diner with traditional stainless steel trim outside, and long counter for seating. We had to sit at the counter since the 10 tables were all full. The Mattapoisett Diner has a nice breakfast menu with interesting choices. This morning I went off the reservation by choosing the Harvest Omelet, which had sautéed apples, thick sliced bacon and topped with cheddar cheese. Coffee came in a very generous mug, fit nicely in the hand. The coffee was pretty good, actually a little above average. Oour waitress was very friendly and prompt with refills. The harvest Omelet was terrific. That combination of apples and bacon is something I will try at home. Size-wise it was not really the usual three egg omelet, in fact I completely finished mine before Mike had half of his Benny. The home fries were a real disappointment. All I got were a dozen or so potatoes, run over the flat top with no seasoning at all. Coffee, 7; home fries; 4; meal, 8, Overall, 6.3

Nick’s on Broadway, Providence, RI


ray  Long story short, I chose, for the second time, the Baker Street Café for breakfast this morning, and for the second time it was closed due to a catering event. Not going to try it a third time. My backup was Nicks on Broadway, so with the help of my navigator Mike and his GPS we headed through the back streets and detours of Providence. A mini adventure that took about 10 minutes, or an hour and a half according to Mike’s internal clock. Nick’s is the third restaurant we have visited on Broadway, The Grange, and Julian’s were two we went to last year. Nick’s is more of a “brunch/dinner” restaurant with a well stocked bar. ( Maybe we should start reviewing mimosas, ). Very friendly waitress who Mike had met up with on one of his adventures in cooking, at Ellie’s Bakery in Providence. Coffee was great, and we found out that it was from Ellie’s also. The menu was not very expansive, no omelets, but had some very interesting choices. I chose the Black beans and corn + eggs with fried eggs, tomato-chili salsa + cilantro, sour cream + char-grilled pesto bread, and a side of home fries. Neither of our meals came with home fries so we shared. I like trying new dishes and this looked right up my ally. The wait was a little long, but I regaled Mike with stories of our puppy Daisy. Mike actually only had to be shaken awake a few times. As for the meal, the beans and corn had a great flavor enhanced by one of the three the hot sauces that were brought to the table. Actually the shape of the bowl made it a little difficult to scoop out the beans/corn salsa. Eggs are eggs, but I think the sour cream did nothing for the meal. As for the home fries, they were very good, combining red bliss, white, and sweet potatoes. Just a touch of salt and they were a good side. A lovely California omelet with a side of these home fries would have been fantastic. Coffee, 8; home fries, 8; meal, 6. Overall a healthy 7.


mike Ray and I had the perfect day for conversation today. All the elements were there; good friends, good food and time…lots and lots of time. “Why is that?” you ask. Well, have you heard of the Tour de France? It’s an annual bike race in France which covers over a thousand miles and requires weeks of racing to complete. Today Ray introduced me to the Tour de Providence, an exhaustively long and epic journey through Rhode Island’s capital in search of the elusive “open” restaurant. Oh, what fun! Ray and I usually stop in at our church, Rehoboth Congregational, from where we carpool on breakfast mornings, to visit Sarah and Kathy, minister and church secretary, after we eat. Today, when we (finally) arrived back at the church our friends, we found out, were in the process of having our pictures placed on milk cartons! Good times! We ended up at Nick’s about three hours into our journey. Nick’s seems very familiar to other Providence restaurants we have reviewed. It’s a bit upscale, trendy and is open from brunch to evening cocktails. It’s quite near to Julian’s and The Grange and Kitchen. Read the blog! Locally sourced food is featured. We like that. I went with the eggs Benedict, no meat, on a buttermilk biscuit. The hollandaise was amazing which, I feel, saved the meal. There was too little in the way of flavor without something like ham on the benny. It surprised me. That’s where the sauce came in. Unique and flavorful in a very understated manor. There wasn’t enough for me, though, to compensate. I picked at Ray’s side of homefries. It was different having different varieties of potato in the dish. Nice. They were cooked through and mildly seasoned and I liked them but wasn’t “wowed” by them. The coffee was Amazing and easily the highlight of the meal. Mild and flavorful, it made for a perfect for morning brew…we each had three cups! Lastly, our waitress was personable and attentive. She balanced out what was a very long wait for our meal to be prepared. I even recognized her from a baking class which Kilian and I took at Ellie’s Bakery in Providence. We learned to make macaroons and Anna Lynn worked there and remembered me as being a baking savant, or a raving something, I don’t remember which. So, coffee a definite 9, homefries a 7 and my benny a 6.5 for an overall of 7.2