Javahouse, Fall River, MA


mike Outstanding! Amazing! Pretty darn good! Fall River rocks breakfast! Quick side note: Ray and I do not read each other’s review before posting so we sometimes duplicate comments, in case you’ve noticed. But since I know Ray fairly well I will leave it up to him to explain our long blog absence and today’s whose-turn-it-is-to-pick-the-restaurant shenanigans. Back to Wow! and Didn’t Expect That! I liked everything! The coffee was excellent…smooth and flavorful and hot. Javahouse serves coffee in take out cups. Our “small” cups were more like medium-sized and priced well ($2.25) for their size. The homefries were “da bomb”! (I can use cool phrases because I have ink. See..another cool phrase!). I loved these homefries! Perfectly cooked, a bit of crisp, and very, very nicely spiced. There was one spice we couldn’t identify but made a wonderfully delicious difference. I also got the Northern omelet. Nice! Bacon and spinach and red peppers and ‘shrooms (yup, did it again) and cheese. Hands down the best non-cacoila omelet I’ve had since we started this blog. Amazing flavors! The only downside to the entire meal was the omelet was a bit dry. The melted cheese helped but it was slightly overdone. I loved it anyway! Coffee 8 1/2, homefries 9, omelet 8. An 8 1/2 overall. Nicely done, Javahouse!




rayThis was an interesting few weeks. Mike was on vacation, I had surgery, we had to skip a week for one reason or another, so when we finally met up at 7:30 both of us got out of our cars think it was the other guy’s turn to pick a place for breakfast. So we compromised, Mike drove and I picked the place, Javahouse 139 S Main St, Fall River, MA. Now for the past few postings we have really run into some duds, so heading back to Fall River was just the thing. I don’t think we have had a bad experience in any restaurant in Fall River in the years we have been doing this, and today was no exception. Javahouse is located downtown and right across from the Courthouse. By looking at the clientele it looks like they serve quite a few take outs like muffins, bagels and coffee. The difference is that Javahouse has a menu board serving eggs, omelets as well as pancakes and waffles. I ordered first ( counter service ) and surprised Mike with the same thing he was going to order, the Northern omelet with spinach, mushrooms and bacon. The coffee was very good although not bottomless. I really enjoyed it. I guess that being called the Javahouse you should have great coffee. Home fries were OUTSTANDING. There was something in the spices that I could not identify, but they were perfectly cooked and seasoned. Now the omelet was big and thick and loaded with ingredients. Everything was cooked superbly. If I had one critique on the omelet was the exterior was dry. Excellent breakfast place! Fall River has done it again. Coffee, 8; home fries, 9; meal, 8.5. Overall 8.25. I hope we have not run out of places to try in Fall River….