EP Weiners, East Providence, RI


ray  Lately we have been striking out more than hitting home runs. In fact at today’s stop, EP Weiners 122 Taunton Ave, East Providence, RI, we struck out twice. The first time was last week when we arrived and there was a “Closed” sign. We found out that the AC was out so they closed. We had high hopes for today as we drove up and saw the door open, and a parking place right in front. We were the only ones in the place…. Was that why there were empty parking places or was the breakfast menu the reason? I have to admit that when Mike and I received recommendations for EP Weiners we were a little skeptical of a place that obviously specializes in hot wieners, that served breakfast. We are daring and marched right in. The breakfast menu is traditional with eggs, omelets and pancakes. Sorry Mike no Bennies. When we arrived there was no waitress, so the chef brought coffee and took our orders. Funny, neither of us said anything about the coffee, We usually give it a few good sips and pass along comments about flavor, heat, fit of the mug, but neither of us had anything to say. Thinking back that probably says volumes about the product. Blah…When the waitress arrived and after we had put down our forks, she offered us refills, which both of us declined. My veggie omelet came with the obligatory home fries. Pretty sure that these were frozen in a previous life. The chef apparently tried to revive them with an abundance of parsley which I guess is a life giver to some foods. Not in this case. Salt, pepper, more salt, more pepper, could not remove the parsley flavor, or improve the bland potatoes. The omelet was a nice size, a true three egg job. Chefs, and anyone who cooks omelets, take notice. Overcooked veggies, poured into an omelet in copious quantities, DOES NOT MAKE THE OMELET TASTE BETTER!!! Contents were big hunks of broccoli, small canned mushrooms, and onions which were obviously from the pile they use for their wieners. The omelet was overflowing and all the veggies tasted the same. I’ll wager big bucks that EP Weiners makes unbelievable hot weiners of the traditional kind. As for breakfast omelets, not so much. Coffee, 4; home fries, 3; meal, 3. Overall, 3.5


mike  It’s called the summer doldrums and boy are we in it! Last week I picked a deli that served breakfast; not good. This week Ray picked a wiener joint that served breakfast. Yikes! I promise next time I pick a place to eat it will be a breakfast place that serves breakfast! Where to begin. Coffee, meh. Neither Ray or I had a second cup. Sausage, overdone, on the dry side. Homefries? (Sigh) Just not to my liking at all. Poorly spiced and, again, overdone. Too much parsley and not enough salt and pepper. Short review, I know, but…Coffee 4, homefries 3, meal 4. Overall, 3.7


Sheri’s Place, Fall River, MA



ray  It is sometimes a good sign when you find a parking place right in front of the restaurant. Not always, but this time it was. Sheri’s Place, 13 North Main St. in Fall River is a stones throw from Fall River City Hall, and a short walk from all of the small businesses and lots of law offices. So don’t throw any stones. ( Sorry…) This is another really good restaurant in Fall River. If you have been reading our blog, you know that the Locust Street Kitchen was our choice for the Best of 2017, and we also had high marks for another Fall River breakfast place, Harry’s just up the road on S. Main St. Sherri’s is kinda small, but with about 7 or 8 booths and counter space is very nice and warm. Some restaurant booths are a little crowded, but ours was very comfortable. Our waitress, Nicole, was prompt with the coffee and a smile. Coffee was very good and Nicole’s service was great. She never let that coffee get too far down the cup. My usual has been the Veggie omelet and that’s what it was today. The home fries were a generous portion. Mike and I like to eat and having a good portion that fits the plate is very important. Now for the taste test. There was a nice crust and sear on the potatoes, which were not overly seasoned but were tasty. Salt and pepper really brought out the flavor. My omelet was a true three egg serving. The veggies were well cooked and nice size. The quantity of veggies may have been a little too much, but it didn’t stop me from finishing the entire omelet. I like this place and would come back for breakfast again, or try it for lunch. Coffee, 7; home fries, 8; meal, 8. Overall, 7.5. Right now this is in my top five for 2018.


mike Side note to illustrate our HUGE age difference. When we arrived at Sheri’s place Ray had a go at “Sherry Baby” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons which was popular (and sung better) like way back in the 30’s or 40’s while I rocked! “Oh Sherrie” by Steve Perry which is still, I believe, on the charts today. Just sayin’. Nevertheless, father time consistently picks AMAZING breakfast places in Fall River. I think our only disappointment in the city was Al Mac’s a long time ago. I went with a cacoila omelet. Very, very, very good. You should read my review of another Fall River gem named Harry’s because they both have outstanding cacoila omelets…different but great. Sherie’s omelet was a little juicy (most likely because of the cheese; always get cheese) and had a great “kick” with it’s spices. Nice! I cannot describe how good it was. The homefries looked amazing but did need a bit of salt. Cooked well, bit of a crust and a good sized portion! Check out some of the “healthier” sized portions we’ve been getting as of late. This was a nice and very much appreciated change. The coffee was good. Above average for diner fare and plentiful. Nichols made sure we had all we wanted. Very nice! Coffee 7 homefries 8 and the omelet 9.5 for an overall 8.2! Nicely done!

Coffee Milano, Taunton, MA


mike Today, Ray and I braved the circle of death to go to Coffee Milano at 67 Main St., Taunton. I have passed this place, easily, dozens of times and never noticed it. The only reason I found out about it is because Harry knows, whenever we drive somewhere together, to keep an eye peeled for breakfast places. Thanks Harry! Anyway, even though it was raining, Ray and I passed the travel time gabbing like two old friends: Like in “Waking Ned Devine”, he said. Where does he come up with this stuff? First, got a parking spot (no meter!) RIGHT IN FRONT of the restaurant! This was a really good sign, right? Second, “coffee” is literally (and “literally is used correctly, here) in the name of the place! Wow! We’ve struck gold! Finally, C) While we were there, two of Taunton’s finest walked in for breakfast. Always a good omen! We were greeted and served coffee quickly (again, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good wait staff…our waitress was quick and polite, offered refills often, and was unobtrusive but attentive. The only shortcoming in the service came when there was a delay in obtaining the check, though that may have been because we each had a good amount of food left on our plates…see where this is heading?) and our meal was quickly prepared. We both liked the coffee very much and the refills were welcome. I went with the eggs benedict but ordered too fast…I usually get a hash bennie but ended up with ham which is more traditional. Oh well. My bad. I liked the homefries a lot! The were cooked and crisped nicely and had quite a bit of spice added; mainly salt. I like salt. Who doesn’t? So I liked the homefries but, unfortunately, the ham on the bennie was very salty as well. Someone else may have better appreciated the saltiness of the meal but it was too overpowering for me. I rarely leave anything on the plate. Today I left a lot. So my rating on the bennie comes with a caveat: If you don’t like a lot of salt, don’t get this. If you do, more power to you. So..the coffee was a 7.5 while, on their own, without the bennie, the homefries were the same,a 7.5 The bennie,though, was a 5…I just couldn’t get past that salt. Overall a 6.7



ray  I grew up in Taunton. Main Street, for many years was a place to go for just about anything you wanted, from Pierce Hardware, to a choice of two drug stores Rexall and Dunningtons, to Forman’s where we all got our tuxes for Prom night. Downtown Main St. is not what it was during my youth. Now you will find churches, loan companies, and many empty storefronts. Well, this morning Mike took me back to Main St. to Coffee Milano. I had driven through Taunton many times and never noticed that the bakery was no longer there and was replaced by this small, yet neat breakfast/lunch place about five years ago according to our waitress. Coffee came quickly served in this great, thick mug, and it was pretty good. Actually above average. We both took advantage of refills. I ordered my usual, a vegetable omelet. Coffee Milano’s menu is not very big and choices are limited. I did not see a specials menu anywhere. Although there was a sign that said, “Waitress until 11AM”. That’s a new one on me. I chose the veggies I wanted for the omelet and Mike and I had usual good chat about everything. Come to think about it we didn’t even mention one of the local sports teams. Too many important issues to discuss, like craft beer and the Lions Chicken BarBQ. The meal came and I tried the home fries first. They were very nicely seasoned. Not overly done, and not much crisp, but tasty. I only had a few, but did notice potatoes were a little over cooked. Not too bad though. My omelet started out tasty but as I had a few more bites I noticed that the texture was a little watery, and even with salt and pepper, it could not bring it back from bland. I think that the problem was the mushrooms which were not fresh and may have not been drained well. Coffee Milano’s can’t be all bad because two of Taunton’s finest were having breakfast as we left. Coffee, 7; home fries, 6, meal, 4; Overall 5.5