The Restaurant, Warren, RI


mike  Oooooh! Homerun! A few weeks ago Ray and I passed The Restaurant and Cafe, 437 Main St., Warren, on our way to Rod’s which is a few blocks away on Washington St. and said, “We ought to try that place”. This past Sunday a woman at church recommended The Restaurant (thank you) so that’s where we went.  Touchdown! Very nice place! Plenty of seating in separate dining areas and, in good weather, outdoor patio seating on Main St. We were waited on very quickly and got to enjoy our coffee right away. To be honest, neither of us were impressed with the coffee initially. However, our opinion had changed by the second cup and improved dramatically by the third. Yes, this was three-cup coffee! Nice! Cannot remember the last time, if ever, we both had a TCC breakfast. Score! Had to try my new favorite breakfast, the Irish Benny, and was very glad I did. First, the homefries were OUTSTANDING! They were lightly spiced and very buttery without being too heavy or overpowering with the butter. And what an excellent crispness. Very, very nice! They are right there in the upper echelon of homefries. Goooooooooal! The benny was very, very good, too. That had to be homemade hash and the hollandaise was the perfect accent to two perfectly cooked eggs. By the way, these were the freshest eggs off the grill I have ever had. This meal did not sit anywhere. Delicious and hot off the grill! Wow! Let’s get to it. Coffee, 8.5 homefries a 9 and the overall meal a 9.  Again, Wow! 8.8!  And just so you’ll know, the waitress was amazing as well. Very attentive. We were greeted and served promptly. Our coffees were filled frequently. And our plates were cleared and our receipt prepared without delay. Outstanding service.


 ray           A week ago I was getting a little nervous that we had had kind of a bad streak, but that was stopped when we had breakfast at the Athens Diner in North Providence. Here we go, two in a row! Mike made a nice choice, right around the corner from a place we had stopped about a month ago, Rod’s which we did not give high marks to. The Restaurant, in Warren, was so much better. The place is a little deceiving in that when you walk in the front door, there is a chalkboard with breakfast and lunch specials and a nicely laid out dining area. It wasn’t until we started to look around did we notice a whole other room just around the corner. Even before you enter you have to cross an area that looks like it is for al fresco dining in the good weather. Our waitress ( we have to start asking for a name…) was great. Brought our coffee quickly and waited while we looked at the selections. The menu had all the traditional choices. I chose a vegetable omelet with the home fries. First the coffee, very good, above average, and plentiful. We probably had three cups each. Not all omelets are made the same. Some have the ingredients inside like a sandwich, while others incorporate the ingredients with the eggs. At The Restaurant they do the latter and perfectly. I always use the mushrooms as a good guide to freshness, and these were hand cut and sautéed not from a can. The green peppers were sliced paper thin and small, but you could taste the flavor. Perfectly done omelet. Now the home fries are a tough one for me, with my new eating habits, cutting out ALL carbs, but I did have one and it nearly brought me off the wagon. Crispy, buttery, and a hint of garlic powder. This was a great place. Coffee, 8; home fries,9; meal, 9. Overall, 8.9


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Mike Sullivan-Silva and I are good friends and enjoy the same interests, We attend the same church here in Rehoboth, and both love to have a good chat over breakfast...and beyond.

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