Betty’s Restaurant, North Providence



ray  We skipped a week but back at it this morning in North Providence. As usual Mike and I have the best conversations gong from opening day to church stuff. We really never are at a loss for words. Today’s breakfast was at Betty’s Restaurant, 1137 Charles St., North Providence. Nice place with plenty of parking which is a real plus. I tried one of the menu “specials”, “Jay’s Omelet”. This was a very good sized omelet, three eggs and plenty of ingredients, including tomatoes, sausage, mushrooms, and cheese. Of course the standard home fries, and I opted for a nicely grilled English muffin. I’ve started to enjoy an English rather than toast, and ate just about all of it. Our waitress brought us our coffee very promptly. My first taste of any coffee is not the true measure of how good it tastes, I really need at least a couple of sips. This was very good coffee. No after bite and a very pleasing flavor. Home fries were excellent, and plentiful. They had a great buttery flavor and some nice crisp to most of them. I like that little crunch along with a nice potato texture. As for the omelet, not so much. The eggs were actually dry. Not something I can say I find appealing. But the ingredients were not any better. The tomatoes were the typical hot house variety ( why would I expect anything else in March!!), the sausage was basic Jimmy Dean, and the mushrooms were out of a can. How difficult is it to slice a bunch of fresh mushrooms, stir fry them in butter and store them in the refrigerator? I have to give the coffee a nice 7, the home fries a 6 but the overall meal was a 4. That omelet pulled everything down. Overall rating: 5.5



mike  Where does Ray find these places? North Providence, North Dakota…what’s the difference? Sometimes I wish GPS had never been invented. It just encourages Ray to explore. Maybe we’re the Lewis and Clark of our era. Or Abbott and Costello. You choose. So. At least, as usual, the conversation is top notch. First impressions are always important. Betty’s is clean and roomy and we were waited on promptly, though that may have been because there was only one other person in the place. Hmmmmm. Noted. The coffee was well above average for a breakfast joint. Nice. Smooth and not bitter at all with no after taste. The menu was typical and not extensive though they did offer several breakfast sandwiches served on grinder rolls. Never saw that before. I got my unusual. First off, we always sample the homefries . Yum. Cooked well with a very nice crisp. Add a little salt and you’ve got yourself some very tasty homefries. Eggs are eggs. The sausage, frankly, (see what I did there? I used the word “frank” which is a type of sausage. Huh? Oh, never mind. (My genius is wasted here), were the smallish Jimmy Dean type that weren’t really treat. They were a let down because I prefer something with a little bit of spice and definitely juicier. So, what did I think? Coffee a solid 8. Homefries another solid score, 7.5. But those sausage pulled the overall meal down to a 6 1/2. Overall 7 1/3.

Kathy’s Coffee Shop, Westport, MA



mike  Going to a restaurant recommended by a friend is always a bit stressful. What if it’s just plain awful?  And if the place was recommended by a family member, a brother-in-law who basically worships me? Critiquing food establishments is not for the faint hearted.  So I breathed a sigh of relief after visiting Kathy’s Coffee Shop today at 133 State St. (Rt. 6) in Westport. Westport? Yes, Westport. It’s not that far. Ray was trying to make passport jokes and wondering how many Seekonks we were traveling. Geez, it’s almost like he’s never traveled outside Rehoboth before. Some people! Kathy’s is nice and clean and bright with plenty of booth and counter seating. We were greeted quickly and we ordered and received our food without delay. The service was outstanding. Our coffee was ok…nothing special but good enough so it didn’t distract from the meal. I went with a tomato-basil omelet and was pleased to find that Kathy’s uses fresh ingredients. Very nice. Some places will use canned or frozen elements which is a huge disappointment and never, ever tastes good. Fresh always tastes spectacular. This was fresh. Nice! The homefries were kind of like the coffee, just ok. Couldn’t get a flavor except potato without adding table spices. Ray and I feel we may be a bit jaded after Our Place II but we do expect something more than we got today. Also, it’s you note in the picture, the serving was not at all generous. Still, that omelet was pretty amazing. So, coffee 6, homefries 5 and omelet 8 1/2.  6.7? (ish)


ray  I thought Mike was taking me on a long road trip this morning, actually it was just an extra Seekonk, all the way to Westport. Kathy’s is only a short walk from Whites, for those of you familiar with the Route 6 staple for group gatherings. Along with the ride Mike provided his rendition of how he messed up his knee this past weekend. I keep telling him that “no good deed goes unpunished” but he continues to take Youth Group trips. God bless you Mike…About Kathy’s. It was, well, ahh, average. The coffee was good, the Portuguese omelet, was good. Service was good. Home fries were good. Nothing was stand on my chair and scream ”This is fantastic!”. Kathy’s is a place to go for a good meal and good service at a reasonable price. Sorry this is rather short but there is not much to say. Coffee, 6; home fries, 6; meal, 6. Overall 6…. Good restaurant if you are in the area.