The Farmer’s Daughter, Easton, MA

( For the first time ever, I asked Mike to take a picture of his own meal, and he somehow deleted the picture of my breakfast!!)  Here are the smashed potatoes.)


ray   Last week my three daughters took me to lunch for my birthday and gave me a gift certificate to The Farmer’s Daughter, 122 Main St., Easton, MA. So, this morning I took Mike way out of our usual breakfast radius and headed off to the wilds of Easton. I had heard some great things about the restaurant and when we arrived the place was packed. We actually had to wait outside for about 25 minutes. Seating was at the bar which was actually a great place to watch the comings and goings of the staff, plus the TV was on ESPN, and we could watch them make fresh squeezed OJ. Coffee was served in these great cups that were quite large and with a nice feel to them. The coffee was good. Our waitress told us that it was an organically grown Guatemalan coffee roasted by a Wareham company. I could taste some chocolate “notes” in the coffee, with no aftertaste. After looking over their very unique menu I chose the “Huevos Rancheros” which included sliced beef, mole, plantains, seasonal salsa, black beans, and sunny side farm eggs. I will usually opt for an omelet but was looking for a little spicy breakfast. Unfortunately I was disappointed. I asked for the eggs to be over easy and one was cooked hard. There was a red sprinkling over the top of the eggs, which I thought was a spice, however it really was nothing that I could taste. The plantains were really great and probably the best part of the breakfast. I ordered a side of “smashed potatoes” that Mike and I could share, and they were nicely cooked red bliss potatoes which had been grilled and pressed. The potatoes were tasty once some salt and pepper was added, which is often the case with any home fries we have had. I like some toast with my breakfast, more to move the meal around so I can pick it up with my fork, but The Farmer’s Daughter only serves specialty toast that was a side order. Overall it was a hearty breakfast that I completely finished, and it definitely lasted me through until dinner. I have to say thanks to my girls for the gift certificate, because without it, the bill, with tip, would have cost more than $50. A little high for me. Sorry Jennifer, Megan, and Sarah, for this not so great review on your gift to Dad. I’ll have to take you guys out for lunch soon. Coffee, 7; home fries, 5; meal, 5. Overall rating, 6.5


  mike Ray was at it again. Got a text last night to bring snacks for a road trip of epic proportion of at least 5 Seekonks away. Yikes! He even offered to pick me up at my place to save time! And when we finally arrived at The Farmer’s Daughter in Easton (I know, right! Like where is that?) we saw people waiting outside, in the rain! “Oh yeah,” Ray said, “My daughters said there might be a wait.” Half an hour, bucko! Nice place. More upscale than we’re used to. Very well staffed with a polite, attentive and knowledgeable service crew that was greatly appreciated. Despite the wait, once seated we were offered coffee quickly and ordered our meals soon after. The wait for the food was a bit long but not unreasonable especially with our usual easy conversation to pass the time. The coffee was pretty good and I enjoyed sipping it and trying to guess its flavors. We both tasted chocolate. I like it though it was a bit mild for my taste. Breakfast for me was the chicken and waffle Benedict. I quote the menu:  chive, cheddar and corn waffle, bacon jam, buttermilk brined crispy chicken, local maple, poached farm eggs, chive hollandaise. A taste sensation, correct! Well, honestly, not so much. The flavors in the waffle just didn’t come through and the hollandaise was very mild. I enjoy the tang of lemon or even sometimes cooks add mustard which lends a sharper flavor in a hollandaise. Best is when there’s a bit of fire in it like a dash of hot sauce. This sauce was pretty much neutral. The chicken was crispy but not juicy inside. (Sigh) The best part, and the most tasty, was the bacon jam. Now that was really, really nice. It saved this meal for me. Think about it…a sweet baconey (is that a word?) sauce! What’s not to love? Overall, despite the nicely appointed restaurant, the wonderful staff and the absolutely beautiful presentation (did you see the pictures?) It always, must, come down to taste. We remarked that, overall, we missed flavor in our meal. We’ve been to an awful lot of places and have become a bit jaded about what we like and don’t like. We like a meal that is cooked well and tasty. So, I liked the coffee a bit more than Ray, I’ll give it a 7.5 and I’ll give the smashed potatoes (homefries) with added salt and pepper the same, 7.5. The Benedict, though, was just a 6 for me. A seven overall.

Flavors, Pawtucket



mike   We did it, we did it, we did it! Today was a first for us. We went back to a place we have reviewed before. But! It wasn’t really a first time back re-review because, and this is another first, the place we visited is under new management! I checked the archives. The last time we went to 573 Armistice Blvd in Pawtucket the restaurant was known as Heather’s Cornerstone. Today a restaurant named Flavors occupied 573! Cool! Lots of specials! A very patient waitress even showed me her personal menu and then had an omelet made for me that wasn’t even on the menu! Nice! I had an omelet made with house-made hash and, of course, homefries. Coffee first. Not good. (Sigh) BUT!!! Outstanding homefries! Nice, nice, nice! Nicely spiced, nicely cooked and nice little crunchy bits. Nice! The omelet was somewhere in between. The omelet had just the right amount of cheese and the hash was top notch but there seemed to be “something” missing. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because of my new found appreciation for cacoila omelets but I felt that today’s omelet needed more flavor. It was good but it could have been great. So. Coffee 5, homefries 9 and omelet 7. Overall score…7.



ray  What do the following things have in common: Giancarlo Stanton, the Patriots beat down, the Silent Auction, a wadi, Brown Street, hearing aides, and Flavors? Among the many other things, these were just a few of the topics of conversation Mike and I had this morning. If I told you all of the things, I would not have time to write about Flavors, Mike’s choice this morning. It seems that one of our favorite things to do is look at a really good specials menu, and Flavor’s had a huge whiteboard with about 20 different specials for today. My breakfast choice was a special, The Italian Stallion. It was stuffed with green peppers, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni, and nice chunks ( not chopped or slices ) of ham from a real bone-in ham. And a side of home fries. Lets start with the coffee. As Mike said to me later, “there always seems to be one thing about the breakfast that is not up to our standards.” Today it was the coffee. Now, I admit Mike and I have pretty high standards for coffee, but today’s cup was below par. It took three sips before I found it at minimum palatable. No refill for me. Mike’s braver. Of course he is a postman,’nuff said. Ok now to the breakfast itself. The home fries were great and plentiful. They were not in large pieces or sliced but small pieces and well seasoned. Lots of crispy bits that may have been onions, but were terrific. When my plate was served Mike told the waitress to bring the doggie bag right now. It was huge. I totally enjoyed the omelet and the home fries. Wound up leaving about a third on my plate. So full, I could not eat until dinner. I will definitely return for breakfast, maybe order the devil dog pancakes! Coffee, 4; home fries, 9; breakfast, 8; average 7.

Rosaria’s, Fall River


 ray  This morning I took Mike over the Taunton river, no passport required since we are both Portuguese, where we had breakfast at Rosaria’s 591 Rodman St. When you visit a restaurant in Fall River, no matter which meal it is, you can always count on some form of chourico being on the menu. Here at Rosaria’s they do a fantastic chourico hash which I had in an omelet. The restaurant is set up in two sections, one with counter service an a table or two, and a dining area. There were a few empty tables but it was obvious that Rosaria’s was a favorite of the locals. As always we started with coffee, which was average, maybe a little above. Interesting that they do not charge extra for coffee, it is part of the meal. ( other restaurants should take note. ) The omelet, folded over very nicely, was filled with the chourico hash. It had just enough spice to let you know it was not linguica, and only needed the usual salt for the egg. Now the home fries, they were right up there with the best we have had. Great flavor, nice crust, and potatoes were perfectly cooked. I think they were cooke with some of the renderings from the chourico as I could see the red dripping from the edge of the potatoes ( my mouth is watering thinking about it ). Have to tell you that when I finish everything on the plate, minus the toast, you know it was really good. I was disappointed that Mike did not take one of my toast wedges and clean his plate. Coffee 6.5; Home fries, 9.5, overall meal 9. Rating 8.3. Well worth the trip over the river. Have to try it for lunch.


mike   Took out the ol’ passport today. Ray drove over the longest bridge in the world to get to Portugal for breakfast at Rosario’s. As two of that country’s favorite sons Ray and I appreciate a little bit of spice in our morning meal and we weren’t disappointed. There were exactly two specials on the board this morning and we each got one. My special was the cacoila omelet. Let me note that I’ve ordered the cacoila omelet three times while reviewing for this blog…twice in Fall River, once in Somerset which is just over the river from the city. It’s just not on the menu anywhere else. That’s a shame because, done right, a cacoila omelet has amazing flavor and it’s worth trying. Rosario’s does it right. Very, very tasty. I make a mean cacoila and this is as good as mine. Wrapped in a three egg omelet…yum! And the homefries were some of the best we’ve ever had. Large, well-cooked pieces with nice spices (cooked in/with a little chourico grease) that only took a little added salt to put it over the top. Very, very nice! This meal was so good we didn’t even notice the coffee. It was ok, nothing special, but drinkable and, unlike most other restaurants, included in the price of the meal. So, even if you’re not Portuguese tell them you know some guys and just go. Coffee 6, homefries 9.5 and omelet 9.5 – overall 8 point something.