Percy’s Place, East Providence RI


mike  If you’ve been following this blog you may have caught on that I’m slightly planning impaired. Plan A seldom works out and when I have prepared a Plan B it, too, fails invariably. So, my new plan (which I have actually used once or twice with great success) is I have a secret Plan B!  I call it my Restaurant Acquisition Experiment or RAE. It’s great! I just bring my RAE with me when it’s my turn to pick a place to eat breakfast and when Plan A goes down the tubes RAE turns on automatically with suggestions and comments and observations! I almost called my RAE, Kilian, at one point! What an amazing coincidence!

So, when this week’s plan went awry (give me one good reason why diners close on Mondays!) RAE slowly cranked up (it’s an older model) and suggested a place that Ray and I had visited before we began this blog, Percy’s, 140 Newport Ave, East Providence. Nice, nice, nice! Percy’s is a wonderfully restored diner. It’s bright and clean and shiny and it’s cool just being there. But we came for the food! I reverted back to Eggs Benedict. Mine came with homemade hash on English muffins. The meal came with options for sides, a really nice touch and, I believe, unique in our experience. I chose homefries and applesauce. I always dig into the homefries first. Aaaaaaaaaah! They looked amazing, were cooked very, very well but needed seasoning! Oh, what a disappointment! Salt and pepper saved the homefries but it’s always a huge plus when everything comes together from the griddle first. However, the Benedict and hash were totally amazing! Percy’s does hash very, very well! The sauce and egg yoke and hash was a taste explosion! And there was so much there…a very generous meal. I would most definitely recommend this. The menu, however, it’s so extensive you may want to try many, many other things first.

I didn’t forget about the coffee. It was, for me, just ok. I like my coffee hot. This wasn’t. Neither was the refill which I didn’t finish. And the flavor was just meh. I blame Ray. (This Ray, too, is an older model.) I have recently started cold brewing coffee at home, inspired by Ray, and, like him, have become something of snob. Nothing compares too cold brew!

Anyway. Coffee 6, homefries 6.5, Benedict 9. I give Percy’s a 7.2. Yes, I rounded up.


ray  Mike and I had been to Percy’s Place once before, and I have been back a few times with my wife, but we had not reviewed it for the blog. They are famous for their homemade corned beef hash and I have had it several times in the past, but this time I wanted to try something different. Percy’s is not a chain but has 8 locations in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Their extensive breakfast menu is augmented by a seasonal separate menu, where I chose my breakfast, a Green Mountain Omelet with cooked Granny Smith apples, pork sausage, and Vermont Sharp cheddar. It included two sides, and I had the usual home fries and a grilled English muffin. Coffee came first and in a really nice large diner style cup. After all Percy’s is a diner, complete with counter seats, and even a small “store” to buy local trinkets. The tables also come with an original Seeburg Wallbox Wall-O-Matic Jukebox selector. For those of you under 60, ( who under 60 reads this blog anyway?) this is a device where you flip through several “pages”, find a song you like, put in a quarter, and press a number and letter combination to play the song. Yea I know you millenniums just download and play on your iPhone! This is nostalgia people!!!! Ok back to the food. Coffee was good. Not hot enough for Mike, but I liked it. The omelet was advertised as a three egg omelet, but those eggs must have been really small. Now to the flavor, that was very good. I liked the sweet taste of the apples which were pre-cooked and only small chunks. That really blended nicely with the sausage and cheese, which was very mild for Vermont Sharp. Home fries were very tasty, small, even pieces which were lightly seasoned and with a little salt perked the flavor up nicely. I can’t resist….Mike’s first choice was closed on Monday’s. He had no plan B, and had an appointment this morning, so even though I didn’t pay for breakfast, I was his plan B with Percy’s. Coffee, 6.5; home fries, 7.5; meal etc 7. Overall 7.



JD’s Restaurant, North Attleboro


ray  If you want a wholesome hearty breakfast with good coffee, JD’s at 67 N Washington St, North Attleboro is a good choice. This was our last breakfast stop on N. Washington St. in North Attleboro. Previously we had been to Mackies, and NorthWorks. Their review are here on the blog page. Unique “menus” offered here. The walls have chalkboards with items that are not on the printed menu’s such as biscuits and gravy. In addition there is a Specials menu on a hand written whiteboard. Mike and I like having specials offered which indicates to us that they are not satisfied serving the same thing day in and day out, and hope that they change the specials frequently. Guess we will have to go back to find out. Coffee was served in a really nice, oversized cup and was hot. I would say that the coffee was above average. I later realized that this was the first time that I can remember, that neither of us asked for a refill even though the waitress came by several times. Maybe it was the size of the cup. I had the Hunter breakfast ( which I did not finish as Mike predicted. ) This was three eggs over easy, they were stacked one on top of the other like pancakes, which was unusual. Maybe it had to do with the dinner plate size. It also came with home fries and beans, as well as homemade corned beef hash. I liked the home fries which were crispy on one side and lightly seasoned. The beans were probably from a can and maybe had a little onion added, nothing extra ordinary. The hash was GREAT! It was a grilled, thin, portion size about 4 inches in diameter. Unlike many homemade hashes we have had, the corned beef was not stringy. The chef ground the meat and potatoes and the texture and seasonings were perfect. Nice breakfast/lunch diner that looked like it had a good number of repeat customers at their counter. Worth the stop if you are in the neighborhood. Coffee, 7; Home fries 8; breakfast 8.Overall, 7 3/4.


mike  Maybe it’s about time we considered another criteria when judging a restaurant. With all due respect to a Bruce Willis sci-first thriller we could call this The Fourth Element. Part of any dining experience is the actual physical enviroment in which you find yourself. Maybe the place is a greasy spoon or a greasy spoon putting on airs and trying to be something it’s not. Sometimes we’ve ended up in a fancy setting or a pretentious one and we wish we had gone to a good old fashioned diner. And once in awhile we find a place like JD’s that is so comfortable, so homey, that the meal is that much better for it. I loved the counter seating and I loved the dining area. The tables were actual kitchen tables with matching chairs like one might find in any home. Nice! And the waitress came right over, welcomed us as newcomers and chatted up the menu. How very nice! I really liked the atmosphere and “feel” of this place. Again, think comfortable and homey. That counts for something in my book. I ordered my unusual with a side of French toast…the French toast had been recommended by our server. I loved the crispy doneness of the homefries. A little salt helped. But they were piping hot. I liked that. The French toast was ok not great. It  smelled very cinnamon-y but that flavor didn’t come through for me. And the sausage was cooked perfectly! I often chow down on over cooked dry sausage that has been warming on the grill all morning. This sausage was served hot and juicy. Very, very nice! Eggs are eggs. On top of all this was a nice, full, cup of hot coffee that was served, that’s right, hot! It was good, too! I cannot say enough about a meal where all the parts are served up while they are still hot. Too many times the cook gets the timing wrong and we’ve been served meals that have been sitting, cooling, while something else is finishing cooking. It’s just poor grill management and you’re left with an uneven, unsatisfying meal. JD’s got everything right! So, no, it wasn’t a great amazing meal…it was a very good breakfast served by a wonderful personable waitress in a very, and I’ve mentioned this already, comfortable, homey setting. I would go again. Definitely. Coffee 7, homefries 7.5, sausage 8. All around, 7.5.9