Babe’s, Attleboro


mike  It was raining lightly today so that’s most likely what inspired Ray’s nautical theme. You know…water. Ray is just so clever. So, sure, I’ll “dive” right in. I admit I charted an ill planned course. I was floundering but Ray came to my rescue and threw a life preserver my way. He said, “Belay this foolishness and set sail to Babe’s!” My hero!  So we went to Babe’s at 11 Washington St., Attleboro. I’ve been by there hundreds of times and always wanted to stop in mainly because I had heard it’s open 24 hours. That’s cool, right? First impression was how quickly we were greeted and served coffee by Becca, our waitress. Nice. And the coffee was pretty good. Another first impression was the menu…we both noticed the breakfast fare  seemed on the pricey side. More on that later. I got my unusual. The homefries were thin cut, not chunky, and cooked with a very, very nice crisp to them. If they were spiced, even lightly, it didn’t come through. Adding salt and pepper definitely helped. Eggs are eggs. The sausage were overdone so they didn’t have that nice juicy flavor. Rats! Worth mentioning is that I enjoyed the coffee which was refilled often by our very good waitress, Becca. I can never say enough about good waitstaff.  I also want to mention that our portions were generous and we were nicely surprised when the bill came and it was a lot less than we expected. The difference? Our coffee was included in the price of our meal. Most places charge additionally for coffee, two dollars or more. That makes a big difference. I think we ordered one of the specials so I don’t know if coffee comes with all the selections but we were rather pleased ours did. Drum roll, please. Coffee 7, homefries 6.5 and sausage 5. Overall 6.2


ray  To quote from a famous ‘60’s TV sitcom, “ Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip….” . This morning was just that….Mike started us off in Attleboro, where his first choice for breakfast was now a plumbing supply, I think. “Ok” I said,” what’s the backup?” We now headed to Pawtucket, and for anyone from this area, you know that Pawtucket is not easy to get to from Attleboro. Mike had the wrong street, so we had to do a number of U turns, and wound up on Central Ave at a nice little restaurant, which, unfortunately did not serve breakfast!!! There are a number of places in Pawtucket that we have breakfasted ( I guess that’s a word ‘cause the spell checker didn’t flag it) so I suggested a place that Barbara and I had tried to have breakfast, Babe’s on Rt. 1. I say tried because we went there, sat for ten minutes and never saw a waitress…. Today was different, we were greeted promptly by our waitress and were served coffee which was pretty good. The breakfast menu was huge. Lots of choices. I settled for a simple eggs over easy, hash, and home fries. The chef grilled the hash very nicely with a crisp outer layer. Hash was not home made but was presented well and tasted very good. The home fries, at first were quite tasty. They were sliced the way I like them, although they were crispy, there was not much flavor, and as I got deeper into the generous portion, the potatoes were not very good. Coffee , 8 ; home fries, 5; overall meal 7….Average 6.6   BTW neither MaryAnn nor Ginger were in sight. I’m going to print, SS Minnow, on the side of Mike’s truck and give him a little sailor cap…

Locust St. Kitchen, Fall River


ray  Today was a Home Run!! The Locust St. Kitchen, 609 Locust St. Fall River, is small, quaint, very “hole-in-the-wall”, but the food is fantastic. I took Mike to Fall River again today and we were not disappointed. This very small neighborhood diner, with 6 counter stools, and 5 ½ tables ( the ½ is a small table for two, that you have to see to believe). They also have outdoor seating in the courtyard. We were served promptly and our waitress gave us the list of the breakfast specials and brought us coffee. Now lets start with the coffee. It was just the best I have had in a long time. There was a back flavor that I cannot identify but was special. Ask asked the waitress about it and she told me it was from Mills Coffee in Providence. I’m definitely looking into getting some for myself. Mike and I ordered basically the same thing, eggs over easy with home fries. I added one of the specials, blade meat hash. Another nice touch was the waitress asked if I wanted it crispy or regular. Not your average offer. The home fries were sliced not quartered and were very well seasoned. Just a few onions, for flavor. The spices came through very nicely without any salt or pepper. The hit of the breakfast, after the coffee, was the blade meat hash. The chef crisped it perfectly and the flavor of the blade meat brought back many memories of blade meat on a stick that we would have at summer family gatherings. Locust St. Kitchen is getting all of my highest marks, for coffee 9.5; home fries 9.5, and the overall meal and setting, 9.5. You guessed it overall rating of 9.5. Be there and enjoy. BTW their entrance “door nob” is absolutely unique.


 mike You know the old adage, “Don’t judge a diner by its doorknob”? It’s so true! What a cool doorknob at the Locus Street Kitchen. They use a vise grip in lieu of a handle! Ray said he would post a picture of it…I hope he does. IMG_0450So, you might think, “Let’s eat elsewhere” but you would miss out on a very good meal. I enjoyed everything. The coffee was great, the homefries were almost perfect and the eggs and sausage were excellent. Both Ray and I felt the coffee exceeded normal diner fare. It was simply better. The homefries had such a nice blend of spices and crisp that no additional seasoning was required. I was even given an extra egg just because. The service was great, the portions were generous and the prices are reasonable. What’s not to like! Coffee 9.5, homefries 9.5 and the rest 9.2. Overall 9.4

Amanda’s, Pawtucket


mike  I know it’s not his fault. I mean, he didn’t cook the food or brew the coffee so there’s really no reason to place blame. But he’s responsible somehow. Not Ray. I’m talking about the guy who recommended Amanda’s. Jay. Jay said go. So today we traveled to Amanda’s at 54 Smithfield Ave. in Pawtucket. Clean, bright and easy to find with mainly off street parking. All good. Our waitress was quick to greet us and bring us coffee and didn’t rush us. We’re old. We can’t rush anymore. That’s what’s great about a good cup of coffee while you wait for your breakfast. No rushing. Just good conversation while enjoying that first cup. So, yeah, we were a bit underwhelmed with the coffee. Thing is, we really couldn’t tell you why. It just wasn’t that good. We each tried a refill but left it at that. Meh. I got a Mediterranean omelet. Spinach, feta and tomato. Once again, and I may be wrong, I felt like the spinach may have not been fresh but frozen. The tomatoes were few. I love feta. And what would have saved the day, the homefries, were bland and needed seasoning. (Sigh) The coffee gets a 5, the omelet a 5.5 and the homefries a 4. Overall, and I’m rounding up, 5. Jay is now 0-2.


ray  Let’s see, how can I start….Mike’s choice this morning was Amanda’s in Pawtucket. That’s the good part, well actually our usual banter covering everything from All Star Games to golf, to everything in between, was the best part. You know something is not right when it takes 4 sips of coffee and you still can’t say whether you like it or not. My choice was the Federal Hill omelet which had Italian sausage, roasted red peppers, and onions. It also came with cheese. I had asked for no cheese. The sausage was the only thing that had any flavor. The red peppers were bland and the onions were over cooked. Now as for the home fries….disappointing. I could tell by just looking at them that they were heavily buttered, but there was no other seasoning. Salt helped but not enough. I do have to say that the atmosphere was pleasant as was our waitress who same back several times asking if we wanted coffee refills. Home Fries, 5; coffee, 5; overall meal 5. Rather average, 5 breakfast.

Seaplane Diner, Providence


ray  Monday morning we ventured to the Seaplane Diner, 299 Allens Ave. Providence. As we drove up Mike and I had a pretty good idea this was a good place to have breakfast. Not to mention how many “gentlemen’s clubs” Mike found as we neared the place. There were two Providence police cars ( no flashing lights, they were just having breakfast ) and a Mercedes parked in the lot and street side. This little diner, which is very close to Rhode Island Hospital, is a traditional diner. Stainless steel exterior and the design of a railcar. Seaplane has all of the amenities, booths, tables and counter service. When we arrived a little after 8 AM, the place was nearly full. Also a good sign. Our friendly waitress took our order and was frequent with the coffee refills. My choice was the Seaplane Special, 3 eggs ( I chose scrambled ) home fries, and corned beef hash. Service was very quick. Let me start with coffee and say that I really liked it. In my first taste I always determine if there is any aftertaste, or bitterness lingering. That always turns me off. This was very good and I enjoyed several refills. Now the hash was definitely not home made, and it was not advertised as such. However, the chef grilled it and put on a really nice crust which added to the flavor. The home fries were outstanding and had just enough seasoning, just enough crisp, and more than enough quantity. I will definitely head back to try their omelets and bring the wife to try lunch. Coffee, 8; home fries, 9; overall, 9; Rating 8.6


mike Nice, nice, nice! I must admit that Ray hit a homerun with this one! To be honest I initially thought that this breakfast was going to be of the legs n eggs variety as Ray gave me a tour of Providence’s gentlemen’s club district. I insisted that I had no dollars bills, when he asked, so we kept going down the street to the Seaplane Diner. Great choice! The placed was packed! There were white collar workers and blue collar workers, young and old people and two restaurant critics. This is the type of place where you feel right at home, comfortable, when you come in. Our waitress was prompt and our meal prepared quickly. I got my unusual and was very happy I did. The homefries had good spices and a nice little crisp and the sausage were juicy and cooked very well. And the coffee had a bold, full, flavor with no bite or bitterness. Our cups were kept full, too. Very nice! I give the homefries an 8, the coffee an 8 and the meal an 8. Easy. The Seaplane gets an 8!