Our Place, East Providence


mike  We traveled back to East Providence today and visited Our Place on North Broadway at 525 North Broadway. If you haven’t noticed by now I’m enjoying an omelet phase. Omelets are great! I love omelets! Omelets are like breakfast pizza…you can put almost anything in them. So many combinations! This morning a feta cheese, spinach omelet with bacon caught my eye. Bacon! What could go wrong? Well, not much actually. It was really, really good! Unlike last week’s omelet this one had ample filling. And the taste combination of feta and bacon was amazing. I loved it! Small criticism…I think the spinach was not fresh. Frozen, chopped. And it makes a difference. Maybe I’m wrong, but… My breakfast also came with a hash brown patty. Crispy and hash brownie but, again, most likely from frozen. I didn’t order homefries because Ray did. Ray will explain about them. Without even knowing yet what he wrote I agree with him. Trust me. (We’ve already been mistaken for an old, married couple. I take offense at the “old” part). Coffee is always served first but I will get to it last. It was just ok. Ray and I take our coffee black and enjoy flavorful coffee with deep and bold flavor without bitter taste or aftertaste. This coffee wasn’t bitter but neither was it very flavorful. Too bad because Our Place is generous and attentive with refills. Last observation. The waitstaff was excellent. They were attentive and not intrusive and pleasant and welcoming. Very nice! The score, however, is about the meal. I give the coffee a 6, the hash brown 7 and the omelet an 8.5. Final score: 7.2


ray  Mike’s choice today headed to the East Providence to Our Place. First impressions of this cozy diner is “friendly” and comfortable. Lots of booths and several raised tables suitable for seating 6-8, nice wood paneling, even a bar. Service was prompt and there was a variety of Specials on the chalkboards, including several mimosas. I love a really good hash, and thought I would try their hash omelet. Coffee was served and was ok. If I have more than one refill I consider the coffee very good, otherwise it’s good enough to pass. This was passable. By my count we were offered refills six times, which is great if the coffee was great. The omelet was filled to the brim with hash. Unfortunately it was the canned variety. To their credit, nothing on the menu suggested it was homemade. What really fell flat were the home fries. If you look at the picture you will see how big they were and that the chef gave a really good portion. I left more than half on the plate. They were over cooked, deep fried, actually dry, and had no discernible flavor ( salt didn’t even help). Coffee 5; home fries, 2 ( meaning they were made with potatoes! ) ; overall meal and ambiance, 6. Overall 4.3. (Maybe I should have had mimosas first..)


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Mike Sullivan-Silva and I are good friends and enjoy the same interests, We attend the same church here in Rehoboth, and both love to have a good chat over breakfast...and beyond.

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  1. Thank you for visiting Ourplace, and thank you for your honesty opion… we will be making our plates with fresh spinach from now on, our chef Nuno will be making his own hash also. Hope you can come and give us another review soon. Thank you again, Helen


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