Wayland Square Diner, Providence, RI


mike   Back to Providence. This time to the Wayland Square Diner at 208 Wayland Ave. This is the tale of two diners. The first story opens with a cup of coffee, as all good stories should, and we find that this story is a mystery. “Why,” we ask, “Is this coffee so weak and so tepid?” It’s a mystery! Then the story turns tragic with the arrival of poorly cooked homefries which need flavor, any flavor. What a tragedy! But there’s another story, one of redemption and triumph! Eggs Benedict! Ah! Something worth writing about! This changed the narrative for the positive but left us confused and dissatisfied and wondering why this was such an uneven experience. We may never know as we have each decided not to revisit the diner. I give the Wayland Square Diner 2 1/2 cups.

Oh, and Ray, remember the stop sign? Enough said.


ray  The most memorable, and somewhat heart stopping, was Mike twice trying to make left turns from the right lane, and both times changing his mind. I think he was trying to liven up the morning. First and foremost about this place is that it was not as bad as Jimmy’s in Taunton. With that out of the way, Mike and I have consistently used two primary criteria for reviewing our breakfast places, coffee and home fries. Well Wayland Went Wanting ( always wanted a little alliteration in these reviews ). Coffee was tepid, and weak. No cup of coffee should allow you to see the spoon at the bottom of the cup, a bad start. Last week, at Mackie’s we both agreed that the home fries were over cooked, the chef here at Wayland Diner must have gone to the same cooking school because these home fries were just as soft and had almost no flavor even after adding salt. My main dish, on the other hand, was great. I had a Southwest Omelet, including avocado, well prepped onions, and black beans. It was topped with a dollop of refried beans, salsa, and sour cream. I really enjoyed that part of the meal. Wayland gets 2 ¾ cups.

Mackie’s, North Attleboro


ray  Back to North Attleboro this morning. Mike and I had breakfast at NorthWorks and Mackie’s Restaurant & Country Store, 49 N Washington St, North Attleboro, MA, is just down the street. We both love the quaintness of this community and the lovely homes and other buildings on wither side of N, Washington St. So it was a little trip back as we had breakfast at Mackie’s. There were a number of specials on the chalkboard and I was tempted to try the Mexicali, but Mexican was on the home menu tonight and I was not sure if two spicy meals in one day would be a good idea. Starting with the coffee which was very good and the refills were frequent. For the breakfast, I opted for Dani’s Delight, sautéed spinach, bacon, tomatoes, black olives, feta cheese. The omelet was well stuffed and nicely proportioned, the spinach was perfectly done which is a huge plus. The eggs were just a little on the dry side but still ok. If you have been reading us, you know that Mike and I hardly ever have the same meal, but we always have black coffee and our breakfast served with home fries. That way we can have a common ground in our review. As I mentioned, the coffee was very good, leaving no bitterness or after taste. Then there was the home fries. There is a point in cooking the potatoes that you can’t go past before they are over cooked. This is where it was with this side. Whatever seasoning was not noticeable and even salt could not improve over cooked potatoes. Maybe this was just one time, so I might give it another try ( maybe Mexicali….yummm 😉 3 ¼ cups.


mike  So. The streak is over! You know how it is when things are going your way, going so smoothly that a little part of you knows it can’t last much longer? For me, at least, that moment happened today. Ray and I have been on an incredible and amazing run of exceptional and unique breakfast experiences and today all early signs were that our good luck would continue. First of all, what a gorgeous day, right? Then there was our usual in-car conversation…top notch! As always we solve the world’s problems, correct the many coaching/player problems we perceive in a variety of professional sports and generally share how we will continue to perplex, confuse and amaze Barbara and Kilian. We agree our wives are very lucky women. Ray didn’t get lost and we found a parking spot almost in front of the restaurant. And, as we settled in, our first cup of coffee, which is, as it should be, our first impression of what’s to come, was very, very good. But, as my dad used to say to me, “Never take advise from a cup of coffee”, (either that or, “Put it in park AFTER you stop”, I can’t remember which). I reverted to the unusual this morning, and if you don’t know by now, well…I was given the choice of links or patties, which is nice to have that option, but only received one patty. Ray nailed it with his description of the homefries which were lukewarm to boot. Man, I was disappointed with those homefries. We’d been on a homefry streak as well. Another thing that stood out was that though I ordered what is a very basic breakfast, and in most places it’s the breakfast special, it was a bit over priced for what I got. One sausage patty, two eggs, and a small serving of homefries. And we’ve talked about the homefries already. Maybe Ray is right (no, Ray, I didn’t say you were right, I said “Maybe” you were right) and this was a one time thing, but it was still disappointing for me. I give Mackie’s 3 cups, light. Figure it out.

DeAvilla’s, Taunton


mike  What a great start to our morning! We stayed close to home today and went to DeAvila’s at 371 Weir St. in Taunton. Wonderful, amazing coffee refilled, it seems, as soon as we got near the bottom of the cup. I have never, ever had so many cups of coffee…I was on my fourth when we finished breakfast! The coffee was complimented nicely by an equally amazing breakfast. Ray mentions the Hollywood themed menu. What he doesn’t mention is how very extensive the menu is with many, many variations and combinations of traditional breakfast fare. We needed a minute. Our waitress, Jesmina, was fun and engaging and attentive. Always, always the waitstaff is an important part of an enjoyable restaurant experience and you will certainly enjoy her as your waitress if she serves you. I opted for eggs Benedict. Nice choice. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the sauce was very good. I, too, really liked the homefries. Large chunks of red potatoes, well cooked, and with a nice flavor that Ray figures is linguica. Nice! So, yes, I highly recommend DeAvila’s. 3 1/2 cups!



ray  We were back to more traditional dinner fare this week as Mike took me to DeAvilla’s in Taunton. For the last few weeks our breakfasts have been more on the upscale with vegetarian options, and slightly away from what we consider established breakfast menu choices. Our waitress, Jesmina, was happy, conversational, and a Patriots fan!! Our top three!! Coffee was perfect, and refills were frequent. The menu was movie oriented, I had the King Kong breakfast, 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, 2 sausage links, “loaded” home fries, and French toast. Really too much but I did want to try a variety of offerings. Eggs, bacon, and sausage were very good, and the French Toast was a traditional white bread style with a nice large pat of soften butter. ( I hate it when you get a cone of butter that just came out of the freezer and you can’t spread it.) The hit of the breakfast was the home fries. Potatoes were well cooked, and seasoned with the grease from linguica. Over the top of these was a good quantity of crumbled linguica, crisp, yet cooked, green peppers, and coked chopped onions. The mixture was great. Love getting back our dinner fare and DeAvilla’s is a place I will come back to. 3 ½ cups. BTW, Mike loved it so much, he took one of my pieces of toast and wiped his plate clean…Here’s a picture!!