Cindy’s, Somerset MA



mike  Thank you so much! Sharon Beskid for recommending Cindy’s Diner to Ray and I. It was, hands down, the best breakfast I have had since Ray and I began this blog! Wow!!! from me as well! Cindy’s may be found at 958 County St. in Somerset. Watch for it carefully…it sneaks up on you. There’s parking in the rear. Where to begin? Cool, spacious interior with nostalgic signs all over the place. It was fun just looking around. It’s nice having Ray around. He’s able to explain a lot of old stuff like that because he’s, well, an historian. That’s it! He’s an historian! Donna waited on us. A Pat’s fan. Fun and quick with frequent refills of very good coffee. Never obtrusive but always mindful that we were there. I’ve mentioned this before. Waitressing is an art form. It’s nice to find a good one. Thanks Donna. And the meal itself. I ordered the cacoila omelet. I have never seen this before so I was curious. Wow!!! One bite and I was hooked! What amazing flavor! I said to Ray, “I am so glad we came here!” I really meant it! And Ray was spot on about the homefries. Seriously, this was the best all around breakfast I’ve had. It was so good I swiped a piece of toast off Ray’s plate (he wasn’t going to eat it…he never does) to soak up the last bits of flavor. Ray and I have a always used the four cup standard for rating meals. We may have to rethink that. And our one unbreakable rule is we can’t give out four cups. I would like to buy will give Cindy’s 3 7/8 cups.


ray  Cindy’s gets a WOW! I truly love the little dinners that are stuck inside a small strip mall, and advertises “more parking in the rear”. No bold signs or stand alone building for Cindy’s in Somerset but it really made an impression on both Mike and I. Our waitress, Donna, was pleasant and a big Pats fan, loving our Patriot’s hats. Mike and I enjoyed nice cup of coffee and admired the vintage signage posted on their corrugated metal walls. Cindy’s is surprisingly spacious with sets of tables on both sides of an island of counter seats. The menu had basic breakfast fare, but the homemade chourico hash caught my eye. So rather than an omelet I opted for scrambled with home fries and the homemade chourico hash, with my dry what toast ( which Mike ordered for me, which makes me wonder if we are getting like to old married people,,,,agrrrr…). What a fantastic breakfast. Eggs were good Now onto the home fries and hash. These were sooooo great. The home fries had a lightly seasoned flavor but they were so nicely crispy, just short of burned which is exactly the way they need to be prepared. As for the has, it was not your traditional has in that it was not chopped into uniform pieces and compressed. You could taste all of the ingredients including the chourico, potatoes, onions, and green peppers. I don’t know how many times we both said WOW, but I think this was a record. 3 ¾ + cups of coffee out of 4, for Cindy’s.

Brickway on Wickenden, Providence



ray Mike and I ventured to the East side of Providence this morning, to the “Brickway on Wickenden” 234 Wickenden St. Providence. First off this is a 3 ½ cup rating out of 4. It is the highest we give ( since if we give a 4 there is no where else to go …) This is a great little hidden gem almost across the street from one of my favorite places, The Coffee Exchange. Their front door ( actually down the ally on the side ) is covered with props from many others, almost as picky as The Breakfast Boys. A great menu which included such omelets as Olympus, Spinach, feta and tomato; Big Sky, BBQ bacon & ham, with tomato, onions & cheese; as well as a dozen more. I went for the special, two poached eggs on top of chili and home fries, all topped with slices of cheddar. Start with the coffee, which is San Francisco blend which I believe is from the Coffee Exchange. It was great and we were offered multiple refills. The food was terrific. Poached eggs were perfectly prepared, the chili was spiced, but not too spicy, and the home fries were very nicely prepared with the usual paprika, s & p, but at least one added spice, probably chili powder. Taking the wife back next week to try their lunch wraps. Thanks Rev. Sarah for this recommendation that took us awhile to get to visit. Again, top score 3 ½ cups.


mike  Well, that was very nice! Our streak of great places to break ones fast continued as Ray took us to the Brickway on Wickenden in Providence. Cool place…anytime you walk down a little alley to get somewhere it’s gotta be a cool place, right? Cool murals on the walls. (Meghan said they’re painted by someone of note…I failed to note the someone) The coffee was really, really good. Ray mentioned the blend was from across the street. As Ray is a bit of a coffee snob you can ask him for the details. My omelet was good…tomato, basil, gouda cheese. The cheese made a wonderful difference. Did I mention it was good. It was good cheese. And the home fries were almost as mouthwatering as advertised in the menu. Perfect blend of spices and cooked just right…nice crust, heated through, nice portion. To top it all off the service was quick, refills were offered, often, and we didn’t have long to wait for our meal after ordering. Quick note: Noticed a sign painted on an alleyway wall. It said, “Breakfast cooked while you wait.” You tell me. Anyway, 3 3/4 cups from this boy.

The Broadway Diner, Providence


mike  Ray and I are on a streak! We visited the Broadway Diner at 446 North Broadway in East Providence and left knowing it’s one of those places you have to revisit. The diner looked recently renovated. Clean, bright. Almost like it belonged somewhere else. Very nice. The coffee, wow! The best we’ve had in a long while. Nice selection of specials. I, too, went with an omelet which came with home fries. I agree with what Ray said, exactly. We both reached for the salt simultaneously. (Yikes…a the dollar word!) Other than that my only complaint is minor. The spinach in my omelet was not cooked well. It was probably placed, raw, in the omelet while it cooked. I’ve mentioned this before. Uncooked spinich = salad. It should not be in an omelet. Other than that? Great service from the only waitress there, Gina. Quick with our order. Quick with refills. Quick to point out that Ray didn’t eat his toast. I liked the place in spite of the spinach thing. 3 1/4 cups out of four.


ray  Another of those places where if you aren’t looking for it, you might just drive by. This was a real find, thanks Mike. Our waitress, Gina was really hopping as she was the only waitperson for the 10 or so tables. A really unique list of menu items and a specials menu as well. Coffee was served quickly and we both liked it right away. A good start. My choice was the “Federal Hill” omelet which included Italian sausage, sautéed onions, roasted red peppers and cheese. It came with the necessary home fries and I ordered a side of their home made corned beef hash for Mike and I to share. First of the order arrived in a blink, less than 5 minutes. We both habitually try the home fries first. Both of us reached for the salt. The potatoes were well cooked and lightly seasoned I would have liked a little more crisp edges to them but they were very good. My omelet was perfect! The sausage was ideal bite size pieces, the onions were nicely caramelized, and the roasted red peppers added just the right amount of zip to the entire omelet. Mike and I shared a generous portion of home made hash and it was very good. It had a fine grind to the ingredients, and a great blend of spices where the saltiness of the corned beef did not overpower the overall taste. 3/1/2 cups out of 4. By the way, our waitress, to my keen eye, bore a strong resemblance to the actress, Vanessa Ray, who plays Officer Janko on the TV show Blue Bloods.