Green Eggs, Bristol


ray After a wonderful vacation I’m back with Mike on our breakfast “tour”. This Tuesday we went to Green Eggs, Bell Tower Plz,576 Metacom Ave, Bristol, RI. It’s hidden in the corner of this plaza, but well worth looking for. Very friendly environment (waitress was a pats fan). They had breakfast specials including the “omelet of the day” which was a new thing for us. I jumped in to this omelet which included red peppers, artichoke hears, onions, chourico, as well as cheddar and American cheeses. First came in coffee in a nice size cup. Mike and I were not really impressed by it at first, but by the time we had started our meal, it was tasting better. My omelet was great, and huge. All of the ingredients were prepared ahead and none were undercooked. The flavors of each melded very nicely. I liked the home fries, which needed a little salt, but I prefer that to being served too salty. On the menu was home made hash which neither of us tried, but I will definitely have to try it next time. 3 ¼ cups for me. See you next week.


mike So good to be breakfasting again. So good to be out with Ray after a Pat’s win. So good to find that the restaurant Ray picked was open! Green Eggs at last! Nice, bright, clean restaurant. Interesting menu. Interesting breakfast combinations. Cool specials. What’s not to like? Very little as it turns out. We got off to a slow start with our coffee. Maybe it was the bottom of the pot that had been left on too long…it smelled funny and there was a bitter/burned taste to it. However, we persevered, drank what we had, and were rewarded with a second cup which was much better. Ray even had his second cup topped off after a bit. Don’t know what got into me but I ordered something off the specials board that sounded so good but included avocado. I don’t like avocado. What was I thinking? I got two black bean and corn fritters topped with scrambled eggs, avocado and salsa…home fries on the side. Very flavorful, very satisfying. I even ate the avocado! (I really don’t like avocado). And the homefries were good, too. Nice crisp. Cooked well. Though, to be honest, a bit of salt really helped. I will definitely return sometime to check out some of their other offerings. I give Green Eggs 3 1/4 cups.