Our Mom’s Place, Raynham, MA


Our Mom’s Place 575 S St W #12, Raynham, MA

ray Today we had breakfast at Our Mom’s Place, in Raynham, not far from where we went last week, OV’s in east Taunton. Their sign says “Breakfast All Day” which to me is always a good thing. Our waitress was very pleasant and asked us for coffee refills several times. The coffee itself was ok, not the best not the worst, a little bitter aftertaste, but I’m becoming a coffee snob. My choice was a meat lover’s omelet which included sausage, linguica, and ham and I added American cheese. Home fries as always. The omelet was very well cooked, nice and fluffy and a great portion. I was very pleased with the ham, nice cuts off the shoulder, the sausage was small links nothing special, but I could not taste any linguica.. The home fries were a little disappointing. We’ve had so many different home fries prepared with such a variety of spices that we tend to look at each new restaurant as having to measure up. The potatoes were red bliss and were perfectly cooked, but the spices were very plain. I think it was simply Lowry’s, and my last bite all I could taste was cooked potato with no spices. Overall a nice restaurant, my rating of 2 ¾ cups.


mike  Had another nice drive today to another restaurant which I would recommend, Our Mom’s Place. As I no longer get “the usual” I figure I will try, now, too become omelet savvy. (Existential point: Since I no longer order “the usual” if I do ever order it again will it then have become “the unusual”? These things keep me up at night.) So, veggie omelet it is! It was really nice! The veggies…tomatoes and spinach, were obviously fresh, which is greatly appreciated, and, along with the eggs, cooked perfectly. The feta cheese included in the omelet gave it a very nice flavor. Overall, very, very good. I agree wholeheartedly with Ray about the coffee and home fries though, once again, there is a salt shaker on the table so I’m good. I think Mom’s is a nice find and would return if I’m in the area. Three cups for me.



OV’s, East Taunton


mike  What a nice day to be out and about. Took a leisurely drive through the circle of death (the Taunton Green) to 34 Old Colony Rd in East Taunton to try out a restaurant/bar/honkytonk called OV’s. (Passed a street named “Battle Row” on the way…cool!) The place was not your typical breakfast restaurant. Lot of wood, not too bright. Reminded me of a place you would go to on a weekend night. It had a southwestern type of decor and flat wooden benches at the booths where cushions usually reside. Counter seating at the bar. We were intrigued. There were a few regulars in the place and only one waitress that we saw but we were greeted quickly and had pretty good coffee served quickly. I was tempted to try a breakfast burrito but went with eggs over easy, sausage and hash because I had heard the hash was homemade. A comment about the eggs: We were asked (Ray got them too) how we wanted them cooked. We thought “over easy” was self explanatory but we were given a choice of runny, medium or well done. Nice!  Most cooks send out whatever way they happen to end up being cooked. The sausage was tasty and not overcooked. The hash was really good! And it was a generous portion as well. It had a nice crust and very nicely flavored. Our waitress was attentive without being annoying and refilled our coffee and brought the check at just the right moments. Yes, there is an art to waiting on people…she was good at it. Got to give OV’s 3 1/2 cups!


ray  It was a great day for a ride. Mike said this was a 5 Seekonk trip. ( Wait ‘til next week!!) OV’s is in East Taunton and , growing up,  I have a lot of great memories from this area. OV’s is relatively new, and I think Mike is right that it may have been a neighborhood bar at some point. Anyway, it was a little dark with some unique wall decorations, winning lottery scratch tickets, but the coffee was very good and good timeing by the waitress on refills. Very unusual that Mike and I both had the same eggs, over easy, and I agree with Mike that this was the first time a waitress asked how we wanted them done. My hash was Portuguese style with green peppers, and chourico. It had a really great kick that lasted for a minute or two. I had a side of home fries, just because we always have them. They were plain, and not much flavor, but the has really made up for that part of the plate. I really enjoyed it, and since my wife likes lunch better than breakfast, I may bring her here sometime soon. 3 cups for me….