JC’s Corner Restaurant, Seekonk

We’re BACK>>>>>>>>>

ray  It’s been awhile since our last posting so here we go with a new restaurant in Seekonk. It is JC’s which is located in the old LUMS restaurant opposite the closed Seekonk Showcase. An eclectic signage advertising, Portuguese, Mediterranean, American and Italian dishes, open for breakfast though dinner. The owner, and chef, actually stepped out to greet Mike and I, a nice touch. Christina, our waitress, was just as personable, with a bright smile and not shy about going back and forth with Mike and I. Mike went off his usual, but I will let him tell you about it. My Western omelet was really good, eggs were a touch dry but well done and all the ingredients were just right. The ham was not sliced deli ham, and had a great flavor, that reminded me of a boiled dinner. The home fries were a big hit. First the waitress asked if we wanted onions or not, which Mike liked. ( A Portaguee that does not like onions??? ) The potatoes were perfectly done with a slight crisp and great seasonings. My onions were roasted and in nice big pieces not chopped up. A forgot to mention the coffee, which was great and we were offered multiple refills, including a visit from the chef . Seniors get a discount J and that is always appreciated. I will definitely visit for lunch. Three cups of coffee for JC’S… and just think, the driving distance was only one Seekonk!!!


mike  Hey, so it’s been awhile! Sorry about not posting anything for so long but we’re back! Ray must want something. Today he was so nice to me. Instead of traveling long distances to unknown, closed restaurants, we only went one Seekonk away to, yup, Seekonk! (To be honest, Ray wasn’t driving the Prius. Perhaps gas mileage was an issue) Anyway, I have decided, after experiencing a small, thought provoking life event, too expand my breakfast repertoire. No longer will I always order “the usual”, and if you don’t know what that is YOU HAVEN’T BEEN READING THE BLOG! Today I ordered a veggie omelet. Spinach, mushrooms, tomato and cheese. Maybe I’m not an omelet person. I don’t know. It was ok. I would have liked it less dry. Maybe it was the ingredients and that’s how it’s supposed too be. I’ve never ordered an omelet before. And it seemed like the veggies weren’t precooked. I would have liked them cooked then placed on the eggs while they cooked. The spinach wasn’t completely cooked through. Uncooked, salad. Cooked everything else. Again, maybe I’m not an omelet person. But! the home fries were outstanding! Ray noticed I was eating the omelet (using a fork in my right hand) while picking up the home fries one at a time, and eating them, with my left. Absolutely addictive! Coffee, better than good. Really good. And what was best of all were the attentive, fun, waitress, Christina, and the owner and chef, who we forgot to get his name, who welcomed us when we arrived and afterward stopped by our table too see how things were going. Also, they have a great deal for breakfast. Buy one, get one half off. Nice. Ray didn’t even need his senior citizen discount. All in all 3 1/4 cups.