Michael’s Restaurant, Swansea


ray   If you didn’t know it was there, you would think it was the ice cream place next door ( Eskimo King ), but Michael’s, 29 Market Street , Swansea, has been in business for quite awhile. It seemed like all of the other customers in this nine table restaurant, were locals, and everyone was chatting with everyone else. I ordered a simple scrambled egg, home fries plate with a side of ham. The coffee came quickly and was ok. You really can’t mess with scrambled eggs unless you really try, so this were just right. The home fires were really really tasty. Not much spice but nice crunch and buttery flavor. We both thought they were a little skimpy on the portion, however. The hit of my plate was the ham. A really good size piece which was cut from a ham shoulder, and perfectly cooked. I actually almost finished the ham….Cash only at Michaels, a nice little family type diner. 3 cups of coffee.


mike  We changed things up this week by meeting at the restaurant and not at the church and sharing a ride. Ray’s idea. It didn’t hurt. Maybe Ray had something to do earlier and it was convenient to meet there. What hurt was sitting in the parking lot waiting for Ray when he was already in the restaurant drinking his first cup of coffee! Is it me? Did I do something wrong? We may never know. At least he picked a place named after me. He cares.

I liked Michael’s. Everyone gets a different mug. Cool. It’s small…cozy. People know one another. Lots of pictures with 50s movie stars (don’t know what’s up with that.)

My breakfast was ok. Honestly, it was average. The coffee was ok. Eggs are eggs. The homefries were really good but I wish the serving size was bigger. The sausage, though, was a disappointment. I was initially pleased when given the choice of patties or links. Not many places give you a selection. The patties though were sweet…very sweet. I like my sausage a bit spicy. The sweetness was too much and made the meal less than enjoyable. Personal preference, I know. Probably should have ordered the links. Ray’s ham looked amazing, though. For me, Michael’s rated 2 3/4 cups.

Pam’s Front Street Grill, Lincoln, RI



mike  What a great day! Knew it was going to be amazing when I saw the bright sun and blue sky. The humidity was gone. Temperature was perfect! What a great day! Ray and I traveled to Lincoln, RI and stopped at Pam’s Front Street Grill, 190 Front St. Nice and bright and clean. We were welcomed immediately by our waitress while the regulars turned from the counter to check out the new people. I like a place with regulars. I also like a place where the waitstaff can hold their own with some give and take. See, for me, going out with Ray each week is not just about breakfast. I know Ray would agree. We have such a good time talking, catching up, discussing our shared passion for the Pats and Sox. Today we found a waitress who could run with the pack! She got in a few shots on Ray and I when we were ordering and we were smitten. We talked football  with her. We joked. We laughed a lot. What a great day! How was breakfast! Well, the homefries were deep fried. As I’ve mentioned before, (again, you need to read the blog), any potato deep fried is a French fry. They were good but I much prefer homefries prepared on a grill. Juicy sausage…four links!! Coffee, good, not great. I normally would give this type of meal a solid three cups of coffee but like I mentioned earlier, going out to breakfast is much more than just the food. I cannot emphasize enough how much we enjoyed our server! Like everyone who has ever gone out to eat we are used to someone asking, “How is everything?”. At Pam’s we were asked, “Is everything cooked the way you like?”! What? Nice! I would definitely go back! So, yes, breakfast was a 3 but, overall, I had a breakfast experience that is worth 3 1/2.


ray Mike nailed just about everything I was going to say. Pam’s was more about the people than the food. It was really great to have a waitress who wanted to come over and talk about football, the Pats, and really I bet she would have sat and talked politics with us if it was brought up. I got the feeling that we were in a place like “Cheers”, with lots for conversations, often overlapping and your opinions could be shared with everyone, but be ready for the comebackers from anyone. I really feel badly that we did not ask our waitress her name. ( Gotta remember to do that in the future, just like asking Mike if he remembered the Breakfast Boys card or his glasses.) My Western omelet was well prepared, apparently by our waitresses mom or sister, who were “in the back”. I liked the fact that they grilled the ham before cutting it up and including it with the peppers and onions. This is one unusual place, and Mike’s double rating works for me. Love to go back, if I can find it again!!

Simon Says, Taunton, MA

This morning Mike and I were joined by Sarah Weaver as our guest “ breakfast boy”. Sarah and her husband Bruce, are both big breakfast fans and have made suggestions as to breakfast stops Mike and I could make.


ray  Today was a repeat for us. We had eaten at Simon Says last summer, before we started this blog, and as with The Breakfast Place, a few weeks ago, we wanted to revisit some of these breakfast spots.

We take a lot of things into consideration when doing a review, not just the menu. First off I have to do a shout out to our waitress ( sorry I did not get your name, just know that she is a transplant from Vermont ). She was great! I especially loved it when she gave Mike grief for ordering “eggs over easy, no toast”. She gave him a look and a “who orders eggs over easy without toast?” that was priceless. My order came off their extensive daily specials menu, the “Spinach Concoction”. It was scrambled eggs, with fresh spinach and Canadian bacon mixed in. It was excellent and very different. I was especially pleased with the FRESH spinach not something frozen. My home fries were good, but much better after I decided to sprinkle some salt on them. Coffee was terrific, and both waitresses were there several times with refills. Gotta give Simon Says at 3 ½ cups of coffee. Love to come back and try some other specials.


img_0001  First of all, I have to say what an honor it was to be asked to join the Breakfast Boys! Their outings have always been something of a mystery to me (they often stop by the church laughing hysterically afterwards, but can never seem to explain what was so funny), so it was fun to be a Breakfast Boys Outsiders getting an insiders perspective.

I loved this place, it was quaint and you could tell there were a lot of regulars. I loved the fact that our waitress could keep up with Mike, because not a lot of people can (though, for the record, Mike, Pennsylvanians call over easy eggs “dippy eggs” because you’re supposed to DIP THEM IN SOMETHING) and her generosity with the coffee was on point. Not sure what the food was like, I stayed away from the specials and stuck to a staple for me; I ordered a ham and cheese omelet and it was delicious! The eggs were perfectly cooked, but not over done. I agree with Ray that the home fries could have had more flavor, but since I liked the way they were cooked, a little pepper solved that problem. I’ll give Simon Says 3 ½ cups of coffee (though I’m admittedly unclear about the rubric) and go back to try a special!


mike  So, I learned so much today! I learned that the word “boys” means more than “two older men”. I learned that eggs in Pennsylvania are a bit silly. I learned that Vermont exports waitresses with attitude. I learned that the lady’s room overlooks the parking lot…don’t ask. And I learned that I will definitely return to Simon Says. Really, really good. Good coffee with frequent refills from an attentive waitstaff. Good, nicely cooked sausage. And good, nicely cooked homefries that yes, needed seasoning, but when dipped in silly eggs were quite, you guessed it, good. Yes, yes. 3 1/2 cups!