Off Broadway Diner, Taunton

ray Mike and I went to the Off Broadway Diner, 19 Broadway Taunton this morning. My daughters have treated me to lunch here twice and I had heard the it was a great breakfast place. My choice was from their very large daily special menu, a Tomato, basil and cheese omelet. I chose ham my choice of meat. The coffee was good and I was looking for refills, which were not offered until both of us had completed our meals. That was disappointing since there were only a few customers. The omelet itself was fluffy and nicely filled with cheese and fresh tomato. The basil in the omelet was dry from a bottle. I was really looking forward to some fresh chopped basil which really would have made this and any omelet really special. Alas it was good, not special. The home fries were unique in that they were deep fried. We had been to T’s in Cranston any they had served deep fried home fries, but those were small bits of potato and over done. Off Broadway Diner started with traditional size potatoes cut irregularly and did a really nice job with the preparation, not over done and with a nice amount of salt and spice. I liked their breakfast special menu and would like to come back and try something different. I give the Off Broadway Diner , 3 cups of coffee.


mike  I know Ray is a former teacher but I didn’t know he was a coach as well. This morning when I hobbled to his car he wanted to know what was the matter.

“Small compound fracture,” I said.

I showed him the bone.

So, when we arrived in Taunton, Ray parked halfway ’round the “Circle of Death” and said, “Walk it off.”

I forgot to apologize for bleeding on his car seat.

I, too, have been to the Off Broadway Diner. I have always liked it but have never been “wowed” by it. It is good. If you want good food at a good price this is a great place to go. Like Ray I was disappointed that coffee refills weren’t offered until we were ready to leave. It was good coffee. And the homefries were good, deep fried like Ray mentioned, but had too much salt for my taste. Eggs and sausage were fine, too. Again, what you would expect. I like the restaurant itself and its location. It’s located right off the green so you can watch traffic go by and see people as they walk around that little oasis in the middle of all that chaos. The green is cool. Years ago there were two mobile diners, open all night, parked at the green. I’ve seen pictures from the 20’s and 30’s. Ray remembers them. Anyway. I will go back again at some point. I’m with Ray…3 cups.


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Mike Sullivan-Silva and I are good friends and enjoy the same interests, We attend the same church here in Rehoboth, and both love to have a good chat over breakfast...and beyond.

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