Louis, Providence, RI



rayWe had an off week last week and maybe that is why there were some glitches today, one of those was NOT where we had breakfast, Louis Family Restaurant, 286 Brook Street, Providence, RI. I had seen Louis a few months ago on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, and was determined taste those great looking granola pancakes that were featured in the show. Since Mike had plans last week, I took my wife and I really enjoyed these unique, dare I say “healthy” pancakes. What an atmosphere! To look at Louis from the outside you might not be tempted to go in. It is very ‘rustic’ with lots of signs on the windows, and a few small tables outside. Inside is just “busy” with pictures, memorabilia, and so much that you have to see it to believe what it looks like. So when I brought Mike to Louis this morning, I wanted to try something different but still get him to try the pancakes. I ordered the Drunkin Johnnies omelet. A great homemade hash-filled omelet, with grilled onions, and your choice of cheese. It comes with the best ( I rarely will say that! ) unique home fries I have ever had. The red bliss potatoes were sliced 1/8 thick on a mandolin, and were perfectly seasoned. Although you really could not see them, the home fries were cooked with bits of onion which added to, but did not dominate the flavor. I ordered a single granola pancake so that I could have Mike try it, and I’ll let him give his take on it. Mike and I each take a hit on forgetfulness. He forgot our calling card, and I forgot to take a picture of our meals. Well, I guess our readers will have to go to Louis and take it in first hand. If there was one negative, I did not see a handicapped access. A very special place to go on the east side of Providence. Giving it my highest 3 ½ + cup of coffee rating.


mikeNormally I would begin my part of this blog with a poke at Ray. You know, something about his age, his forgetfulness, his penchant for long, long road trips to closed dinners, something, anything to get a cheap laugh at his expense. I’m not proud but it’s just too easy. But today Ray threw me a curve. We went to Louis this morning and it was AMAZING! Go there! As soon as you can! The food was great! Ray covered the homefries…they were as close to perfect as you can get. That granola pancake was so good and different and tasty! Inspired and unique. And the restaurant was just so, and I have this adjective a lot of thought, funky. That’s right. Funky. I could live across the street from this place and be truly, truly happy. Ray hit a home run on this one…And he was a career .192 hitter in high school. 3 1/2 cups!

Ollies Diner, 802 High St. Cumberland, RI


mikeIt seems that a lot of people read this blog. What a very nice surprise. Family, friends, co-workers…the response has been wonderful! Thanks to all who follow along! Many of you have suggestions about your favorite breakfast spots and pass along names and favorite dishes. Ray and I have been doing this blog for about 4 months now but have been sharing breakfast and good conversation and great friendship for almost two years and have yet to visit the same diner twice! Your suggestions matter!


That’s how we came to be at Ollie’s Diner at 802 High St in Cumberland today. A friend at work suggested Ollie’s a few times so, to stop him from being annoying, I figured we’d give it a try. (To keep everyone at work from speculating who might be the annoying person, I will not name names. Is that good for you, Keith?) I’m glad we went. Ollie’s is small but bright and clean and seems to be a very welcoming and comfortable place to be. We expect to be greeted by the waitstaff but a “good morning” from the cook was unexpected and appreciated. My usual was very, very good. The home fries were made from red potatoes, my favorite, and nicely cooked with an almost perfect crust. I do wish they were better spiced though. They were plain. Happily, I’m a big boy and have been taught how to season my own food. The. Sausage. Were. Amazing! Finally! A restaurant that knows how not to overcook its breakfast meats. And they were large links and delicious! The coffee was very good as well. All in all a very satisfying experience! I’m going with a 3 1/4 cups rating.


rayNot much to add to Mike’s thoughts on Ollie’s. Although there were some impressive specials, such as Sweetbread French Toast with blueberries, and several nice omelets including one with feta and spinach, chose a basic breakfast. My reason was that one of the menu choices was eggs with hash, a love a good hash, and asked our very friendly waitress if it was homemade, and she said it was, so I went with scrambled, home fries and hash. The has was very good and, as did the home fries, had a nice little crust. Some home made has over do on the potatoes, but this one had great corned beef with just the right amount of potatoes. As with Mike I was disappointed in the home fires. On first look, they were fantastic, perfect size, nice crust, and perfectly cooked inside. However there was no flavor. I am not one to season my food on the table, I expect the chef to do so. Therefore I was hoping that there was some spice, paprika, butter, even a nice bacon or linguica grease to add to the potatoes, alas, I tried salt, but that beautiful crust would not let the salt stay on the potato. Sounds picky, I know, but the home fries are a real staple for all of our reviews and although we do not compare one restaurant to another, it is a focus of each breakfast visit. As Mike said, the coffee was very good ( nice cup, too ) and Ollies had a nice, friendly feel to it. It is the kind of place I would come back to and try again, maybe one of those breakfast specials. 3 coffee cups.