The Milk Bottle, Raynham


The Milk Bottle, Raynham


rayHad a bit of a stumble this morning. My first choice was closed. I’m sure Mike will elaborate ad nausium on this, in his comments. We wound up at The Milk Bottle, 785 Broadway, Raynham. My daughter’s had taken me here last year and it was on my list of places to return to with Mike. A classic style of “Roadside Attraction” originally built by Frates Dairy and shaped like an old fashion milk bottle, thus the name. This was one of two built in the area, back in the ‘50’s, the other was Sankey’s in Taunton, which is now part of the Children’s museum in Boston. As far as breakfast goes, I had a the “the Milk Bottle’s Famous omelet”. It was filled with four kinds of meat, sausage, ham, linguica, and bacon, along with peppers, onions, and tomatoes. The combination was terrific, with the exception of a little too much cheese, which was probably on me, as I should always order the omelet without cheese. The side was home fries which were among the best we have had. It looked and tasted like the chef used linguica drippings as part of the seasoning. ( I’ll have to try that one at home.) Coffee was very good and our waitress was prompt with refills. We did not see a breakfast special menu. As with a few of the breakfast places we go, the Milk Bottle accepts only cash. I’ll give the Milk Bottle 3 cups. Worth the stop… BTW, this is a great place to take the kids for an ice cream treat.


mikeA little bit of backstory about Ray…Ray is a former teacher. And as you may have guessed from his review, a history teacher. I’m always learning new things from Ray! Today he  taught me a new unit of  measurement: A Seekonk. Since most of our breakfast trips are local we will now use a standard distance, a Seekonk, to describe  how far someone would travel to get to a restaurant from our point of origin, the Rehoboth Congregational Church. You might say, “Oh, that restaurant is only one Seekonk away!”, or, “That’s about four Seekonks away. Ray must have picked it!” Last night Ray texted me to bring my passport, snacks, and perhaps an overnight bag. “Wow, Ray,” I said this morning as Ray strapped extra gas cans to his 48 mpg Prius, “Where are we going?” He said, “About 53 Seekonks from here,” He was’t kidding either! We crossed one time zone, traveled through several states and across one international border! And was the breakfast amazing? I DON’T KNOW!!! THE RESTAURANT WAS CLOSED!!!  And I ran out of snacks about 20 Seekonks into the ride home! About 3pm we pulled into the Milkbottle in Raynham. Happily,  they serve breakfast all day. It was worth the trip. Honestly. The homefries were amongst the best we’ve ever had. Indescribably good. The coffee was excellent. The service was quick. And the dining room was clean and bright which is a big plus with me. I really enjoyed everything about my meal and the restaurant and recommend you give it a try. I’m not as reticent as Ray…I give the Milk Bottle 3 1/2 cups.

Patty’s Place, Norton




So. I don’t know. If this were baseball you would say that I’m in a  slump. I could blame Ray. See. I gave  him a choice…left or right. He chose the restaurant that was not only closed but for sale! It was down hill from there. We ended up way Patty’s Place, 363 Old Colony Rd., (Rt 123) Norton.  It’s purple. Nice quick service. Blah dry food. (Sigh) And the coffee was like me. Strong. (Tee hee!) I’ve discussed  this before.  We sit down to be served a bit late for normal breakfast hours. Perhaps the food that’s prepped earlier is warmed too long. Regardless. It should not be served. Ray’s ham should not be overcooked. Period. That’s poor timing. So, I will agree with Ray. Two cup of coffee. But only because I like purple.


rayThis morning Mike had two choices. The first was closed and up for sale! The second, Patty’s Place in Norton, just was not very good. I didn’t get my usual omelet, and I got what was called on the menu “the Virginian”. It came with choice of eggs, plus ham, home fries and a small pot of beans. The best thing on the plate was the scrambled eggs which were fluffy and nicely done. The home fries were dry. It seems like they were kept in an oven a little too long, and while the buttery flavor was there, not much in the way of spice. The ham was a generous slice of grocery store ham, but it too was very dry. Cute presentation for the beans in a small bean pot, but they were just plain canned beans. Coffee was just ok, but our waitress was attentive and kept the cups filled. For me this was just a 2 cup rating. Wouldn’t go back.

Cornerstone Bakery and Restaurant, Swansea, MA



rayThis morning Mike and I visited the Cornerstone Bakery & Restaurant, 1713 Grand Army Hwy, Swansea, MA 02777. Well known for it’s fantastic sweetbread ( had to buy one on the way out), the restaurant also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, For those that are regular readers, you know that we have very high standards for our coffee and home fries. Today Cornerstone gets a positive on the home fries and a negative on the coffee. First thing on the table is our coffee, and we were disappointed in both the taste, which was below average, and the cup. It didn’t have that extra boost of flavor, and as cups go, the coffee cup was more like a tea cup. With coffee and coffee cups, bold and big are good. My Spanish omelet was very good. Great taste with two kinds of peppers and just the right amount of cheese. The home fries, had a great spice to them, paprika and probably either chili powder or cayenne. There were some nice crispy pieces which also retained the texture of potato. I like to see a specials menu at the places we visit, but there was none here. To me if a restaurant takes time to create something special, not usually on the menu, it says they like to have the customer consider other options, and that their chef is looking to expand his/her menu items based upon feedback from their customers. The restaurant is handicapped accessible, bathroom was neat and clean, and there was no wifi. Mike and I both got forgetful. I left my phone on the table, and Mike forgot to leave our card. Conversation was intense on so many levels, we couldn’t remember everything! The coffee and cup makes me rate the Cornerstone 3 cups out of 4.


mikeFirst impressions are important. My first impression of the Cornerstone was, “Wow, that’s so cool!” You walk into a bakery and off to the right is a door into, you guessed it, a restaurant! Nice, right? Nothing fancy, mind you, but still. Again, Ray and I felt the same about our breakfast. (OMG, we’ve been agreeing a lot lately. We have stuff in common. We get along great. We can order breakfast for each other. What could this all mean?) I really, really liked the homefries. In the top three of all the places we’ve had breakfast. And the sausage (patties, not links) was juicy and tasty. Our waitress was prompt and fun and despite being the only waitress I saw working, took our order quickly, refilled our coffee as often as we wished (a plus because of the “tea cups”) and brought the check when we wanted to leave…no waiting. The only downside to the Cornerstone was the coffee: Blech! But, the coffee couldn’t ruin an outstanding meal. Three cups of coffee!