Mary Beth DeLeo’s Breakfast House, Seekonk, MA


mike Decided to take Ray to a place I hadn’t been to in years, Mary Beth DeLeo’s Breakfast House. Whew! This place wins, hands down, the “Longest Name For Anything” award. After that, meh. My usual was average. I’m beginning to wonder if our morning meals are being influenced by the time, usually around 8:15-8:30, that we sit down to eat. For example, it happened again that my sausage was overdone and not juicy. It makes me wonder if the links had been pre-cooked several hours earlier and then left to warm, drying them out. Also, the homefries did not have that chunky shape you’re used to seeing. It was like they had been chopped and moved around a lot on the griddle losing their shape in the process. Maybe I’m looking for stuff but we were disappointed. The coffee was ok. Again, meh. And there was a long wait before we were offered a refill. As always, however, what makes any time out a real pleasure is the great conversation. You know, the joking around, the clever put-downs, the intelligent wise-cracks. Usually I’m stuck with Ray so it was nice when our waitress proved to be the best part of our experience at DeLeo’s. Forgot to get her name but you can’t miss her if you go…she’s the one with purple hair. If you want to go to DeLeo’s it is located at 751 Fall River Ave. in Seekonk. I would give this restaurant only 2 1/2 cups of coffee…2 cups without the waitress.


ray  I had eaten at Matt DeLeo’s before they had a fire and was pleased with the breakfast at those times. Now it is Mary Beth DeLeo’s Breakfast House and this breakfast was disappointing. My omelet was dry and the ham in it was basically deli ham cut into pieces. I’ve come to like omelets that are folded over, like a sandwich, which allows the eggs to be fluffier and the ingredients more tasty. The home fries, at first, looked very intriguing. They had nicely cooked onion ( which Mike could not see because he forgot his glasses, again!), and the color indicated that the potatoes were well seasoned. They were seasoned but I actually had to salt them, because they had no flavor. I guess that doesn’t make much sense, but the seasoning was somewhat peppery but I got nothing from the potato. The coffee was just OK. The restaurant is handicapped accessible, and there is no Wi-Fi for those that need constant connectivity. Overall, 2 ½ cups.

NorthWorks, North Attleboro


(Ray) Well worth the trip….This morning’s trek was all the way out to North Attleboro, not quite at the outer limits of our restaurant journey’s, but close. We went to NorthWorks 38 South Washington Street, North Attleboro, MA. I had seen a review of this place on Facebook, and thought I’d try taking Mike north instead of my usual southerly routes. We went right by it on our first pass through North Attleboro, but got directions from two friends, Bob and Linda Smith at ABC Glass, turned around and worked our way back. It is on the main road and kind of blended in with the other store fronts, so that is why we missed it. Glad we found this place. It is small, only eight or ten tables inside, but they do have tables in front for the warm weather. My breakfast choice was a “make your own omelet” with applewood smoked bacon, mushrooms and onions. It came with home fries and toast and I had to try a side of their homemade hash. The three egg omelet was perfectly done with all of the ingredients folded inside like a sandwich. The thick cut bacon was very tasty with nice size pieces. I was very pleased with the onions which were also a good cut, pre-cooked in butter, as were the mushrooms. The home fries were just great. Mike and I had to ask about the seasoning, and our waitress asked the chef, but it did not seem to be anything special, onion powder, garlic powder, salt pepper and paprika. However it is all about the proportions and the chef at NorthWorks got it just right. These red bliss potato home fries were outstanding. Nice crunch on the outside and perfectly seasoned. If you can recall what a traditional corned beef dinner…this was it. All beef and just a very little potato and onion. What flavor. Oh I forgot, the coffee was very good and our waitress kept the nice, large cup full. Bring your friends. 3 ½ cups.


(Mike)This morning, Ray’s turn to pick the restaurant, I set my stomach for “breakfast” when I should have set it for “brunch”! Gee, Ray, WTF! (Where’s The Food!) Yikes! But what a nice surprise when our tour through southeastern Mass ended at NorthWorks. It is actually easy to find. Just don’t let Ray drive. I actually have nothing to add about the coffee or home fries…Ray was spot on with his praise. I tried his homemade hash. Yum! My sausage links were very large and quite good. What a nice location as well as I can see myself returning with Kilian and enjoying lunch outside while the world passes by. Their specials were intriguing and warrant a return. And I always appreciate discovering when a restaurant pays attention to little details. I mean, it’s not a big thing, but their paper napkins were amazing. Yes, amazing! Not cheap and thin but large and substantial. Minor? Maybe. But it tells me that NorthWorks pays attention to everything that might make your experience  better even if you might not notice. I feel that attention  extends to their menu and food selection and preparation. That makes NorthWorks worth the trip. 3 1/2 cups. Easy.