Alice’s Last Stop, Dighton


Thursday morning Mike and I went to Alice’s Last Stop on Rt. 138, Dighton. I had been asked by two friends if we had been there, so I thought it was a good time to try it out. One word describes my breakfast, disappointing. Although Mike would describe me as becoming a coffee “snob”, I generally like the coffee at most of the places we go. What I got from the cup I had was too much of an after bite, more on the bitter side. It was ok, and I did have a refill. My choice was, as usual, an omelet. There were several daily specials on the board, but I chose off the regular menu, a Portuguese omelet, with chourico, peppers, onions, and American cheese, with home fries and wheat toast. First taste was of the home fries which were cut differently, in large pieces. These were a little too large and were not hot in the middle. The seasoning was all Lowry’s season salt, which was a little over done. As for the omelet, the chef makes the omelet in a square, flipping each corner to the middle with the ingredients all in the center. I cut into two corners and didn’t get any of the filling. What I did find was that the oil the omelet was cooked with, was now pooling on the bottom of the plate. What I found in the center was Portuguese sausage (not sure if it was linguica or chourico, because the pieces ere tiny and I couldn’t taste any spice.) I’m not sure whether it was the cheese, but there was an off flavor around the chourico, peppers, onions. The server was pleasant and the atmosphere was very nice, but I cannot give Alice’s more than 2 cups of coffee.


Yeah, well, I’m with Ray on this one. Disappointed is the correct word to describe our experience. My usual breakfast of home fries, sausage and eggs over easy is arguably the simplest of meals and therefore should be the easiest to prepare correctly. The eggs were overcooked and rubbery and the yolk, which should be liquid gold, was beginning to harden. The sausage, and Ray can back me up on this, had been on the heat so long they were about the thickness of a pencil: All the moisture was cooked off. And, alas, the one item which might have saved the meal, the home fries, were large chunks (very large chunks) of potatoes, poorly flavored and not heated well at all. Two words…very disappointed. I did like the coffee, though. I give Alice’s two cups of coffee. Barely.


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Mike Sullivan-Silva and I are good friends and enjoy the same interests, We attend the same church here in Rehoboth, and both love to have a good chat over breakfast...and beyond.

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