The Boondocks, Berkley, MA


Early on Mike and I agreed that giving any restaurant a top score of 4 cups of coffee, would mean every other restaurant could never be the best. BUT if I could give 4 cups of coffee it would be to The Boondocks, 18 N Main St, Berkley, MA. And yes you can travel over the beautiful, new Berkley bridge now.  The Boondocks was recommended by my daughter and she gets a big hug and kiss for this choice. Starting with the “feel” of the restaurant which I would describe as comfortable. It seemed like one of those Cheers places where everyone knows your name. There were a number of people at the counter, and plenty of table space. Mike and I looked over the specials which included coconut macaroon pancakes, and a salmon omelet. Another customer was looking at the special menu and raved about the salmon omelet. Really good cup of coffee, with refills from our very attentive server, Dawn, as well as several other members of the wait staff who came by to see if we needed more. I saw a hash omelet on the menu, in addition they also advertised Portuguese hash as a side dish. I asked Dawn if I could have the Portuguese hash in my omelet and she made the substitution. When my omelet with home fries and toast arrived I was in awe. It filled the oversized plate. The home fries were very tasty and had a nice spice that wasn’t overpowering. There were some really scrumptious crusty pieces which I really like. The omelet was filled with a Portuguese hash made with chourico, potatoes, and green peppers. I mean this omelet was so big I could have shared it with a small family and still be full. But it was not just the size, but the flavor and texture. Omelets can be dried or even underdone, but this was perfect. One little classy touch. When Dawn returned with the check, there were two mint candies on it. Sweet !IMG_0562

Of the other things we rate, there was a Wi-Fi connection, and the bathroom was clean and spacious.

I have to give this 3 ½ cups of coffee only because I can’t give it 4. Look forward to coming back with the family.


Ray spoke of the taboo four cup rating and I agree that if there was a restaurant deserving of the best this would be it. This is the type of place you say “You have to go there” to your friends fully confident they won’t be disappointed. Good coffee. Check. Tasty home fries, seasoned well with a nice crust. Check. Outstanding service. Check. On and on just an absolutely enjoyable breakfast and experience. Dawn even considered smacking Ray when I suggested it, (it seemed like a good thing at the time) but mentioned it was too early for that sort of thing. Yes. I would give Boondocks 3 1/2 cups as well.

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Mike Sullivan-Silva and I are good friends and enjoy the same interests, We attend the same church here in Rehoboth, and both love to have a good chat over breakfast...and beyond.

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