Tigger’s Two, Pawtucket, RI


Today we journeyed back to Pawtucket to check out Tigger’s Two at the corner of 429 Benefit St. and Newport Ave. There’s limited street parking on Benefit St. and a small lot across Benefit behind an auto repair shop. Nice, clean, bright breakfast and lunch stop that we enjoyed very much. After last week’s epic Cranston debacle I humbly returned to my tried and true usual breakfast: Eggs over easy, sausage, home fries. No toast. Ray did his Ray omelet thing. Coffee. Very good. Great start to our visit there. And I must note the most welcome, yet unobtrusive, attention to our coffee habit. We noticed that whichever of the two waitresses passed our table they took a quick glance to see if our cups were getting empty. We had two refills and were offered a third. Nicely done. The home fries were very good, spiced well with an amazing crust. We each felt that these weren’t out of a bag. Maybe, boiled a bit too much before cooking as they lost their shape on the grill but that’s a minor complaint against how much we liked the taste and texture. However, the sausage was bland. Well cooked and all but I prefer something a bit more spicy. A personal preference sort of thing. Someone else would probably like it. One other thing of note: Prices are very reasonable. I actually got a special…3 eggs, 3 large sausage links and a generous portion of home fries: $5.50. Outstanding value for the quality of our meal. Lastly, our waitress was very personable, prompt and helpful when we had questions. (Ray we have to start remembering to remember their names!) I give Tigger’s Two 3 1/2 cups of coffee!



I agree with most of what Mike has to say. Not sure how good this blog would be if we both agreed on everything. My western omelet was somewhat disappointing. In western omelets I’ve always had diced pieces of ham along with the peppers and onions. Tigger’s served theirs with ground ham inside, and sprinkled over the top. The ground ham left lots to be desired as far as flavor goe. One good thing about the omelet was that they used both green and red peppers. The home fries, as Mike said, were well seasoned but I did not like the texture. Too mushy almost like mashed potatoes. I like my home fries to be individual pieces, these were more clumped together. Also, I was not overwhelmed by the toast. I don’t usually eat all of the toast but I like to have it to move the eggs onto my fork, and get a nice little extra from a bite of toast with egg, yum. This toast had little or no butter, and was almost burnt. Sounds like I hatted this place, but I really didn’t. I would definitely return. One other thing that Mike and I look for is a “Specials” menu, which Tiggers Two had and in fact they had it located in two places. I agree with Mike that the service was top shelf, and we will remember to get and retain than name of the waitress. I give Tigger Two, 3 coffee cups.


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Mike Sullivan-Silva and I are good friends and enjoy the same interests, We attend the same church here in Rehoboth, and both love to have a good chat over breakfast...and beyond.

One thought on “Tigger’s Two, Pawtucket, RI”

  1. Thank you for visiting today for breakfast!! Your waitress was Victoria. Hopefully we see you again to try another breakfast special one day .


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