Today Ray and I visited a restaurant on Kilian’s recommendation. Each Sunday she and her sister take their mom after church to have breakfast at Bunny’s. It has become their favorite spot to go and I can see why. This is one of those places that’s just “there”. You may have gone by it a thousand times and never noticed it existed. It sits between two vacant storefronts in a strip mall at 3 Tremont St. in Taunton. First, it’s bright with booth, table and counter seating. We arrived a bit after 8am (our usual time) and were seated immediately. Coffee! Good and plentiful and in the largest mugs we have yet encountered. No small mugs here to limit what you get! (Though here is where I have my only complaint about Bunny’s. Our mugs were black with light print advertising the restaurant and a nearby laundromat. No problem there. But, when were just finishing our meal I noticed other people were being served coffee in pink mugs. I love pink stuff! I would have wanted my coffee in a pink mug!) Also, the homefries were a very nice surprise! They were not cut in the traditional chunk style but in small, flat pieces not too thick, not too thin. Nice light crust and mildly spiced. Very nice! My sausage was tasty and the eggs were good. Between the great food and the great conversation this was an overall wonderful breakfast experience! Ray and I will never give a four mug rating (the highest) as, philosophically, we cannot define breakfast perfection. However, Bunny’s definitely deserves 3 ½  cups.

I’ll add my 2 cents about the coffee. While it was very good, I was just a little disappointed in not getting the attention of our waitress for an additional refill. Restroom was clean. While Mike had his usual, I had a Portuguese omelet. Traditional ingredients for this are linguica, onions, green peppers and cheese. When I’ve had this at other places, they will cut the linguica into small bits or even use ground linguica. At Bunny’s the linguica was a nice size, about half a round slice, so you could really enjoy that flavor of the spices. Another great point about the home fries, there were no burnt pieces. I totally agree that this was a 3 ½ cup rating. Looking forward to coming back with the family.

By the way. We hope you enjoy and follow and share this blog. We will figure out (Steve) how to add photos and improve it as we go along. If you do follow it will be helpful for you to know that our breakfast schedule is based on my work schedule. My day off changes each week. This week I had today, Tuesday, off. Next week I will have Wednesday off. The week after, Thursday, and so on. So if you’re following along it will generally be eight days between postings.


Harvest Market, Rehoboth, MA

One of several restaurants geographically close to our home base is the Harvest Market ,2685 GAR Highway, Rehoboth, MA. I had been to this new restaurant few times with my wife. It is a full day restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mike grew up only a few miles from here and on the ride over, told me several stories about his ill spent youth, which I can’t describe ( ball in your court on this one Mike ). Harvest Market is more than a restaurant as the name implies, it has a small deli, a meat cooler with organic meats, grocery items as well as lots of produce, which, in season, comes from the Nunes family farms. The breakfast was a little different from the ordinary in that you ordered at the counter, chose a table, and poured your own coffee from a communal carafe. The coffee was about average, not being able to see the bottom of the cup is a plus. My omelet was good, and plentiful. The home fries were not that great. There were way too many burnt potatoes and the flavoring was bland. The overall ambiance of Harvest Market was pleasing, and comfortable. . I liked the fact that you had tables with chairs which allowed those with longer legs to move about. Restroom was vey clean. WiFi is available.


My overall rating was 2 ½ cups of coffee.

Lauren’s Restaurant, Warren, RI

Lauren’s restaurant, 601 Metacom Ave. in Warren was our breakfast stop this day. I’m Ray the taller half of this duo. Lauren’s was a recommendation from a friend of my wife’s, so we really had no expectations. First impression for me was a little leery since there were only a few customers and it is a fairly large breakfast-lunch-dinner location. Got our coffee and menus. Mike ordered his usual over easy + home fries, but when he ordered the sausage, the waitress asked if he wanted links or patties, and I think that was only the second time he was given a choice, and Mike likes his sausage patties. I ordered something a little different from my usual omelet. The menu had a breakfast special including sweetbread French Toast, eggs, home fries, and bacon, and I had been looking to try French Toast, so I took that road. The coffee was good, not the best, but good. The sweetbread French Toast was great. I didn’t put any syrup on it, just a little butter, and it was the perfect texture. The waitress said it was homemade, and you could tell because it was in the shape of a regular bread loaf . Mike and I both agreed that the home fries were among the best we have had. Nicely seasoned, but not overly done, and they were crisp with very few blacked potatoes. Three other things about Lauren’s: the rest room was clean ( Mike said comfortable too.) ; the table we sat at had plenty of leg room, no bumping into legs, either table or each others; and lastly there was onsite WiFi, which can be important to some.


Overall I would give Lauren’s 3 coffee cups out of 4. Looking forward to trying the dinner menu.

Jimmy’s Restaurant Taunton, MA

What makes a poor breakfast experience? First, bad coffee. And that was the first clue when we ate at Jimmy’s Restaurant, 22 Broadway, in Taunton. The coffee was like a ghost. It was transparent. Coffee should be dark. You shouldn’t be able to see the bottom of the cup until you finish drinking. Yikes! Things went downhill from there. My over easy eggs were runny. How does that happen? My search for perfect homefries ended with a very small portion of flavorless, chopped boiled potatoes. Ray’s omelet stayed on the plate. Did I mention how much I respect Ray? When he suggested we leave, we left. It is the only time we have ever left our breakfast on the plate. Never, ever, ever again. We went to Dunkin Donuts instead. I would give this experience no cups of coffee, but that might be generous.

Cup N Saucer- Pawtucket RI

My name is Mike and I am the smaller half of the breakfast boys. (Wait for it.) Ray came up with the idea of this blog after about a year of (almost) weekly breakfasts. We had one rule: Never go to the same restaurant twice. Our goal was to search out where we could find a great cup of coffee and home fries worthy of a Michelin rating. Why not share our discoveries with the world? This is our first blog and I was offered the honor of selecting the restaurant which would be our debut.I selected the Cup N Saucer in Pawtucket. Backstory: The original Cup N Saucer is the standard against which I will judge all other breakfast places. I must have eaten hundreds of times there when I worked in the city. The owner, Nick, would filter the water before brewing coffee…the homefries were so good people would just order them for breakfast. You don’t ever forget something like that. So, on January 28, Ray and I ventured to the Cup and Saucer. The restaurant has new owners since last I’ve been (9 or 10 years ago.) The place is bright. It has a 50s, 60s, kind of theme going. The service was quick and it’s the type of place where the regulars have a good rapport with the staff. I find that a good thing. The menu had the regular selection of breakfast choices with nothing out of the ordinary. Full disclosure here, I always order the exact same thing for breakfast: Two eggs over easy, homefries, sausage, no toast. That’s a good base upon which to judge how food is compared. Ray is all over the place when he orders. Just saying. So, first, the coffee was real good. That’s important. Refills were timely. That’s important. My sausages were OK. Nothing special. Eggs are eggs. (Only once did Ray and I find a place that screwed up eggs. I mean, really. How does a place screw up eggs. We left.) The homefries were a disappointment, frankly. Soft, squishy, and not very well spiced. Absolutely, nothing like I remembered. I guess you really can’t go back. So, overall, not the experience I was hoping for but the place had its pluses. If you want to go the Cup N Saucer it is located at 267 Main St., Pawtucket, RI.